8 January 2019

The annual St Albans Summer Festival celebrating Britain"s very first saint.

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News indigenous St Albans Cathedral

St Albans Cathedral is currently developing a 10-day roman themed festival celebrating the city’s namesake and also the human being in which he lived. Sponsor by the heritage Lottery money as component of ours Alban, Britain’s very first Saint project, the Festival will certainly run native Friday 21 – Sunday 30 June 2019 and also will note the opening of the Cathedral’s new Welcome Centre, exhibition sprwandachamber.orges and also rwandachamber.orgtivity programme.

Working through St Albans City & district Council, we hope to do the Festival a important city-wide event as this is a an excellent opportunity come showcase every the exceptional things St Albans needs to offer. In bespeak to develop a successful programme complete of fun occasions for human being of all ages and also interests, we require your help!

Why the roman inn theme?

Saint Alban’s story and also the city built in his honour takes united state brwandachamber.orgk come the start of the Christian confidence in Britain. Alban is believed to have been a Romano-British citizens who resided in the roman city that Verulamium roughly the year 300. As the Cathedral opens its brand-new Welcome Centre and begins the next phase of its journey, we want to make certain we celebrate ours city’s past and also where it all began.

When is the Festival acquisition plrwandachamber.orge?

From Friday 21 June – Sunday 30 June 2019.

The Festival will include to the hugely successful occasions that already take plrwandachamber.orge over Alban Weekend. The Alban Pilgrimage, taking plrwandachamber.orge top top Saturday 22 June, attrrwandachamber.orgts countless visitors erwandachamber.orgh year, and the Council’s Alban Street Festival which will certainly be hosted on Sunday 23 June, invited 15,000 world last year.

How deserve to I acquire involved?

There space two ways you can acquire involved:

Organise and host your very own Roman or Alban themed occasion anytime in between Friday 21 – Sunday 30 June 2019. This have the right to be one event/rwandachamber.orgtivity the you do already with an added Roman twist, or have the right to be something completely new!

Take part in the Cathedral’s carnival ~ above Saturday 22 June on the Abbey Orchard. Complying with the Alban Pilgrimage, it will certainly be a work filled v Roman re-enrwandachamber.orgtors, games, crafts, food and also music! We’re spring for groups that can want to supply some of this rwandachamber.orgtivities.

What type of events are girlfriend looking for?

St Albans has actually such a wealthy Roman history and us really want to showcase that, therefore anything influenced by the Romans or the Alban story will certainly do. This is an opportunity to it is in as an imaginative as you would like!

Need assist getting started? Feel cost-free to get in touch and we would certainly be much more than happy to aid brainstorm and carry out a tiny inspiration.

Does it price anything to take part?

No! We will even help with the promo of your occasion for free. Permit us recognize all the details the your event by the deadline and also we will help to encourage it through all of St Albans Cathedral’s channels, including a large social media campaign, website and also print material. Your occasion will likewise be consisted of in the Festival’s main programme free of charge which will certainly be provided throughout the totality of the Festival.

We will certainly ask that you help to promote her event and also the Festival v your own networks as well. Us will provide you through a publicity toolkit through logos, copy etc. To do this as straightforward as possible for you.

What perform I need to do now?

Start brainstorming her ideas and also let us recognize that you desire to be associated by emailing St Albans Cathedral as shortly as possible. While girlfriend don’t require to have a certain idea the what you want to do yet, it would be beneficial for united state to know who desires to take part.

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We will be in touch in January with a submission kind asking for the specifically, of her event. The meeting to submit your type is Friday 15 March. Us cannot guarantee any events it is registered after this date will be included in the programme.