As component of the ongoing partnership between Pokémon GO developer Niantic and Sprint, client who sign up for the mine Trainer Rewards program deserve to receive exclude, rewards and tips for Pokémon GO. Come learn an ext about this offer, read on below and also click here.

Sprint and rise Mobile Trainer Rewards

Earn, redeem and participate at local occasions for to exclude, prizes. Register today and also join Team Instinct, Team Mystic or Team Valor to get an extra 1,000 Trainer prize points!

Make the a 7 work streak every day!

Earn totally free Trainer prize points with Trainer tasks and redeem for mobile accessories, gift cards, Google beat Credit and also more! acquire exclusive offers and also gain an useful tips from Professor Willow. Join us on the following level!

Get a code for a cost-free Sprint Pokémon walk Phone Skin!

Hey Pokémon walk Trainers, visit a regional Sprint save to gain you password for a totally free Sprint Pokémon walk Phone Skin, prior to they room gone!

Source: my Trainer Rewards

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