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I"ve recently got into the caliber to use as a short range hunting rifle. Hodgdon has a very conservative max of 18.0 grains with the 125 NBT, and I"ve exceeded that looking for something accurate. I am just curious if anybody has any info they would share.While searching for information on the subject I happened across an article written on some testing done with a bolt gun. What I found the most interesting was that varying the charge by .3 of a grain was enough to go from

What I found the most interesting was that varying the charge by .3 of a grain was enough to go from Click to expand...
.3 grains is 1.6% of 18 grains..3 grains is .6% of 50 grains.A kernal has 3x the magnitude of change going into a small case based on percentage of the total. The smaller the case the finer the increments will become.My 300 BO shooting subsonics have a similar change on target going from 12.1 to 12.0 (I dont have any super sonic experience). You may luck out and have a very wide node on your barrel or you might get a finicky one like I have. Try another powder and you might find that your barrel likes that one better. Or a different bullet. Or primer. Only one way to know.

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I only shoot supers out of my 10.5" 300blk. When I set out to build my first 300blk SBR/Pistol last year my goal was to build something very accurate shots from 100yds and in. I never got on the 300blk wagon because I was told by my friends that had them that they were just fun guns, not accurate like my precision AR"s and bolt guns. I finally set out to find out how true that was.I have to say in my experience its all in the barrel. The first 2 barrels I purchased, a 9" and a 10.1" both shot like shit. I mean looked like straight 12gauge buckshot down to maybe 2-3" groups at 100yds. I performed extensive load testing with H110 and Lil Gun and 125smk"s and 125TMK"s with both these barrels and just could get the accuracy I set out to get and started believing what I was told was true. I sold off both those barrels and decided to try one more barrel then I was giving up. I bought a 10.5" Rainier Ultramatch (Shillen blank) and that was the golden ticket. I loaded up 125smk"s with H110 to test the barrel in the 17.0 - 19.0g range and was amazed at what I saw. I then tested the 125 TMK with H110 in the same range. I found the center of my node at 18.6g with both bullets. Im using 1xLC converted brass with CCI 450 primers. Velocity is 2100fps and accuracy is sub 0.5moa all day long with many groups in the .3"s and .4"s. All 5 shot groups at 100yds.Here is a target I shot after confirming my load and zeroing my rifle. I shot 7 groups, 5 shots each and the agg across these 7 groups was 0.521! I LOVE this gun and its my go to defense rifle loaded with 125 TMK"s. The 125TMK is what Black Hill"s uses in their personal defense load. My buddy and I tested a bunch of different 300blk loads through phone books with wet denim laid over the front and water jugs behind. Everything we tested didnt expand for shit except the 125TMK. Its my go to load for my gun.