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When it comes to space exploration games, there isn’t lot that gives the flexibility that room Engineers does.

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The game also provides a an imaginative mode whereby you deserve to basically enable unlimited resources and also instant crafting, basically letting you execute anything you deserve to imagine. The The Sims, yet for external space.

Between the an innovative and survival modes, there’s a whole galaxy come explore. And also even an ext than that, developers actually released the source code for the game, and also with password comes a prolific modding community.

With the the best kinds of mods, you’re sure to squeeze hours upon hours of funny out that this game.

And here are few of the ideal mods you can gain to take it your room exploration endure to the next level.

35. HUD Colors


Check the end This Mod

Let’s begin with a couple of quick and also easy visual renovations to give an are Engineers some new life.

Exploring the depth of an are can feeling pretty meaningless at times. Particularly when you’re every alone in the large unknown.

That HUD yes, really isn’t help either, together it’s pretty dull in itself.

So why no throw in a little of color?

HUD color does precisely that, adding colors to the otherwise washed the end blue HUD facets in vanilla.

34. Vivid Icons


Check out This Mod

Colorful icons is a an excellent pairing because that the HUD color mod, taking things a step more in giving an ext “life” come the game.

I’m not certain why they determined to keep whatever in that washed out blue shade scheme, but thanks to these mods you can readjust things up.

Colorful Icons gives you finish freedom, letting you pick which icons will be changed, and includes colored symbols for ores, ingots, components, and more!

33. An are Just obtained Real


Check out This Mod

Another questionable visual selection by to crawl (in my opinion) is how they fancy the environment here.

I average really, the common galaxy milky-way coloring?

It oftentimes feels like you’re starting out right into a child’s space painting rather of outer an are itself.

Space Just obtained Real is a quick and also easy means to make the video game much more immersive, do the unexplored depths of an are look more realistic.

Based on actual NASA photos, modder Dr. Novikov plays about with shaders, shadows, light effects, and also other visual properties that the video game to do everything appear as actual as possible.

32. Animated Interaction


Check out This Mod

Here’s a mode to do the game just a bit much more immersive.

Animated interaction may not seem like much, but actually goes a long way.

All that does is add some animations come player actions, so as soon as you have your engineer execute something, he in reality does something.

He won’t simply be standing roughly for as soon as you’re scrolling through menus, clicking, or pushing buttons.

31. BuildInfo


Check the end This Mod

While there room the few mods that make the game look better, most mods the end there do the game easier to manage.

Which is always a good thing!

Space designers is a complex survival and also building game, and also I can’t think of many things that gain more complicated than room exploration.

So to start us off on this object you’re walk to want to acquire the BuildInfo mod.

It’s a simple mod that gives you an ext information around blocks as soon as you aim at them or have actually them in your hand.

30. Easy Inventory


Check the end This Mod

As building and crafting is a huge component of an are Engineers, you’re definitely not going to regret installing simple Inventory.

The mod is so good that to crawl themselves take it from it, with the modder’s permission of course.

All you need to do is choose the block you desire to build, and with a quick click, all required materials will be moved to your engineer for easy building.

I require a “that was easy” button, stat.

Not only will this save you the problem of having actually to choose each piece required for each build, however it will save a lot of real-world time as well.

29. Taleden’s perform Manager


Check out This Mod

While there room mods that add functionality and also data displays to help your an are exploration, there room lots of advantageous scripts that let friend automate details commands as well.

Taleden’s inventory Manager is a great example, automating inventory actions so you don’t need to do points manually all the time.

With the mod installed, you’ll be able to sort her inventory items into different containers, relying on how you desire them organized.

Plus the mod provides you options to prioritize details materials, so every little thing is arranged precisely how you want it.

28. Phils_Ship_Diagnostics


Check out This Mod

Phil’s delivery Diagnostics is an additional undeniably useful mod, and also is taken into consideration by countless to it is in essential for any kind of run at room Engineers.

The script allows you to enable a straightforward LED diagnostic screen that shows wellness percentages from parts of your ship.

It shows up in straightforward to understand green and also red shade scheme, showing health percentages of your hull, systems, gyros, thrusters, and also more.

What’s even much more useful is the the mod lets you set alarms, for this reason you’re notified when parts reach a specific health level.

27. Floor setup Script Mk1


Check the end This Mod

You deserve to make building ships a bit less tedious, with the ideal mods.

For the you’re walk to need the Floor arrangement Script by Alysius.

This is especially helpful when building larger ships, but can be provided for whatever ship size you’re building.

It simply offers you a drawing of the floor plan layout in a delivery panel, offering a quick overview of what every little thing looks like.

The layout also provides you an easy manipulation attributes like zoom and also panning to make for easier navigation of her blueprints.

26. Red Alert-Condition Red Script


Check the end This Mod

The Red Alert manuscript is a advantageous tool the adds a bit of realism come the game (which is always nice!)

It offers you complete control of every the lamp on your ship to work-related as an alarm device for once something walk wrong.

It’s a basic mod, really.

When something’s wrong through the ship, all lights will start blinking red.

As us all recognize from our childhood cartoons, that means something’s wrong. Otherwise the lights stay green.

25. Battery standing Script


Check the end This Mod

The Battery Status script is another one that those mods you’ll never ever want come play without.

It just adds a battery symbol to LCDs and text panels, providing a rapid visual of exactly how much power they’ve got stored.

Once you have actually it installed, you’re certain to wonder why to crawl made things harder for you to start with.

24. Oxygen condition | Room-Pressure-Info


Check the end This Mod

Another beneficial text screen script, this time giving oxygen and also pressure info for each room of her ship.

You can set up display screens for each room of your ship. Yet what’s yes, really cool around this mode is it enables you to produce a sort-of “master hub” which screens the worths for every room.

With the master set up, you’ll have actually a quick overview the oxygen levels because that each room that the ship, displayed in bars and percentage values.

Easy peasy.

23. My Buddy – monitor Companion Drone AI


Check out This Mod

Yes, there’s even a neat manuscript for your really own an are buddy.

Now don’t mean too much here. You not gaining an actual person being together a companion.

The mine Buddy mod lets you create a companion out of a drone, having him instantly follow you roughly wherever you go.

The mod provides you choices that you have the right to set, favor how much you need to be because that the drone to start adhering to you, how far a drone will continue to be away native its target, and also a quick toggle move to do the drone stop following you when you don’t need him anymore.

Surprisingly handy, definitely give this a try.

22. Rdav’s Fleet Command MKII


Check the end This Mod

Rdav has created some the the many original scripts out there.

And I highly recommend providing these following two mods a try.

He in reality takes incentive from real-time strategy games to provide you easier control of units in room Engineers, with Fleet Command MKII targeted especially at regulating ship fleets.

From an LCD in ~ your very own ship, you’ll be able to control movement and actions the a separate fleet together you would in an RTS game.

Point and also click to tell them wherein to go, and also what come do, straightforward as that.

21. Rdav’s AI Autominer Script


Check the end This Mod

Similar to Rdav’s Fleet Command mod, the AI Autominer Script allows you to do pretty lot the exact same thing.

Except this time, geared towards mining resources rather of combat.

The script enables you come convert any kind of vessel right into a mining ship, i beg your pardon will immediately travel to and from mining sites collection resources.

If you’re familiar with StarCraft, this basically allows you produce drones/SCVs together you view in the game.

20. Nanite control Facility


Check out This Mod

To automate things even further, you may want to download Nanite regulate Facility.

It permits you to develop a huge ship block specifically designed for creating and also controlling nanites.

Nanites space actually small robots, and in this case, they deserve to be programmed come cover a range of tasks.

You’ll have the ability to let them take treatment of several of your work-related for you, including construction, repair, and building functions.

There’s much to execute in room Engineers and also I’m sure no one’s going to rotate away a help hand.

19. DeepOres


Check the end This Mod

While there are mods and also scripts the make the game a bit simpler to play, there space those the aim come make things a little bit more complicated too.

The challenge I’m talking about here is the an excellent kind, that course.

If you feeling that an are Engineers no as amazing as it used to be, you might want to give DeepOres a shot.

The mod is simple: it renders ores spawn much deeper in the ground, forcing you to work-related harder to gain resources.

While ore will be more difficult to gain to, deposits will certainly be much larger, make mining station far more useful overall.

You’ll have to think that more an innovative ways come gather resources with this mode installed.

18. OKI Grand tools Bundle


Check the end This Mod

While combat is right the primary emphasis of room Engineers, pan of Star battles or Star Trek can like the idea the building huge battleships.

With that, there room some mods the make combat an ext interesting.

Like the OKI Grand weapons Bundle.

The pack has a number of turrets and cannons come play around with, along with mounts and casemates, relying on what you require for each of your ships.

17. Battle Cannon and also Turrets


Check the end This Mod

If you’re looking for a weapons fill with a bit an ext oomph, this battle Cannon and Turrets mod might be just what she looking for.

In enhancement to the typical guns and turrets, the pack contains a couple of larger cannons to blast adversary fleets the end of space.

The greatest cannon in the pack is dubbed the “Big Bertha”, i m sorry holds only one custom covering per reload, however can shoot as far as 50,000 meters.

Yes, it is pretty far!

16. Star battles XX-9 Turbolaser Cannon Mod


Check the end This Mod

If the ahead weapons choices still don’t execute the trick, this one’s sure to give you the firepower friend need.

How about an yes, really weapon native the death Star?

That’s right, the XX-9 Turbolaser seen on the actual death Star deserve to be put on your ships.

This mod also comes v six different variants, so you’ll have the ability to place lock at different sizes too.

15. Zombie change Wolves


Check the end This Mod

Space can acquire lonely quite quickly.

Especially if you don’t have friends to play with along the way.

The silence have the right to be daunting, however what much better way come remedy the than with some brand-new friends?

Again, not talking about human friends here. Instead, we’re providing you zombies.

This mode replaces wolves with zombies, so you will do it be fighting turn off hordes that undead rather of rabid beasts in outer space.

Come come think the it, I’m no really sure these are “friends” come play with…

But they carry out come in astronaut suits, which explains how they made it come outer space in the very first place.

14. Wait Traffic


Check the end This Mod

Adding a little trace the life roughly the galaxy can go a long means to do the civilization feel alive.

The Air website traffic mod renders randomly created cargo ships appear around the atmosphere, providing you some chance to interact with other characters in the game.

You can treat them as friendlies and let them fly by.

Or you can put her XX-9 to an excellent use and also shoot them the end of the sky.

That’s completely up to you, the course.

13. An ext NPC Encounters


Check the end This Mod

If the social element of the video game is really an useful to you, then you’re most likely going to desire to install more NPC Encounters indigenous modder superhappyalien.

While the game does provide a few chance encounters, there yes, really isn’t much to look front to.

This mod just adds a bunch of new random encounters for you come enjoy, as you’ll be see a lot more NPCs native cargo ships to pirates.

12. Starship Troopers


Check the end This Mod

If zombie in outer space didn’t yes, really make lot sense, this could be a an excellent alternative come try.

You remember the 1997 film Starship Troopers? I might be date myself here.

What was most notable around that movie (well for me in ~ least) were those extraterrestrial beetle points they were up against.

They can not have actually looked really cool, but they were pretty darn scary.

Well this mode brings those bugs to room Engineers, replacing every spiders in the game.

Exploration need to be much an ext interesting now that you’ve got giant an are bugs to worry about.

11. Star Trek enterprise Cockpit


Check out This Mod

I’ve provided Star wars fan a little something come play around with, so now here’s one for the Star Trek lovers.

This mod adds a ship component for a large cockpit, i m sorry is in reality a replica that the control facility seen top top the Enterprise.

Pretty cool right?

The cockpit can also be painted, for this reason you’ll have the ability to choose what the looks like inside.

10. Star Trek Sounds


Check out This Mod

Now that you have the companies cockpit in space Engineers, why no take your Star Trek fandom also further?

You have the right to do exactly that with this Star Trek Sounds fill from Alanzote.

The pack adds almost 50 sound samples to her sound block, all directly from the Star Trek series.

Sounds in the pack encompass beam up and beam down effects, a few Borg sound samples, and also tons of various other cool delivery sounds from the show.

9. Cloaking Device


Check out This Mod

Other than the death Star gun and Star Trek cockpit, the modding community has come up v loads of new parts because that you to usage to make your an are Engineers ships even better.

This mod lets you ar a completely functional cloaking device on your ship.

Now that’s something come wrap your mind around.

If she looking come sneak increase on adversary ships, or stealthily make an escape from battle, all you have to do is fire up her cloaking maker and you will do it be totally invisible.

The cloaking machine block comes in small and big variants, and also they’re paintable as well.

So friend won’t need to worry about it making her ship look at bad.

8. Small Ship Mega mode Pack


Check out This Mod

If you desire even an ext ship parts to play approximately with, the little Ship Mega Mod load is a wonderful place come start.

As the surname suggests, it gives you over 50 brand-new custom parts come use as soon as building small ships.

The pack includes everything native walls, doors, antennas, and also even weapons.

The mod is actually the result of a cooperation effort between 11 different modders, and also according to them it must offer nice much every little thing you might possibly need.

7. Star wars X-Wing Modpack


Check out This Mod

For many people, Star wars has end up being pretty lot synonymous through space.

With that said, who wouldn’t want much more Star wars content?

If you assumed the XX-9 would be an overwhelming to top, this is something even cooler.

The fill gives new parts the let you build your an extremely own X-Wing in space Engineers, based after the one Luke flew in illustration IV.

This should definitely keep you busy for a while.

6. Custom Universe


Check the end This Mod

Taking modding past automation scripts and also ship parts, you deserve to even readjust the entire universe within room Engineers.

Whether you feel prefer you’ve explored sufficient of the vanilla universe, or just want to examine out some of the tradition content available, there are loads of cosmos alterations out there.

Let’s start with this tradition universe mode by Posivi.

One the the biggest ones out there, providing a large universe v five whole solar solution to explore.

The universe homes 35 planets, which are all randomly inserted – for this reason they i will not ~ be appearing on her GPS.

5. Ravcor


Check the end This Mod

If a completely new cosmos feels a little bit too big for you in ~ the moment, girlfriend could include some new planets come the current solar system instead.

Ravcor is a an excellent example, giving a distinct planet uneven the ones right now found in vanilla.

Ravcor is a hot lava planet, through lava rivers scattered across its surface.

The atmosphere is really thin, too, do thrusters practically useless.

If you carry out make it on come Ravcor somehow, you’ll find that the planet is wealthy in Iron, Uranium, and Platinum.

4. Dead Sun


Check out This Mod

Dead sun is another interesting universe. It’s built around the special world of the same name.

The universe contains four planets, each v their very own moons bordering them.

Other than Earth, Mars, and also one extraterrestrial planet, in the peak left edge of the universe is Dead Sun.

It poses a real difficulty to gain however, together the planet’s heaviness is incredibly high, and also the warmth makes it complicated to remain for expanded periods that time.

It will be worth it to discover though, together Dead Sun includes some that the rarest ores in the universe.

3. Star battles Galaxy


Check the end This Mod

You can readjust the cosmos to reflect the entire Star battles Galaxy through this mod from Kymac.

It’s a very impressive recreation that the Star battles galaxy, v over 30 planets in your correct places according to Star wars canon.

Much the the information is from cautious research, as planet locations and also even size are based upon official Star wars records.

You’re absolutely going to desire to acquire this one if you’re a pan of the series.

2. Iron guy Reactor


Check out This Mod

These last 2 aren’t as large compared to various other entries, but are more like bonus mods that showcase the endless possibilities available in space Engineers.

This particular mod add to a custom part that enables you to build your really own Iron man reactor in space Engineers.

Building one will cost you 1.67 Iron and also 3.33 Uranium ingots, however will prove invaluable when completed.

Having your an extremely own Iron guy reactor sponsor you limitless suit strength in the game. Rather a an useful treat!

1. T600


Check out This Mod

Come on, the idea of having actually a Terminator T600 in any game is just cool as hell.

There’s really not much much more to say here!

This just goes to display that something is feasible with modding, and also I’m certain there’s still loads of interesting content come come for this video game down the line.

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