Let’s begin this perform by speak none the the classes in southern Park: The fractured But entirety are bad. They every have an useful strengths and some weaknesses.

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The reason we have actually the Brutalist critical isn’t because it’s no powerful, it’s since there room so countless other Brutalists, with much better abilities psychic you, to choose from the end of your CAF/Freedom Pals buddies.

Super Craig and also Mysterion space excellent options for example. Super Craig is really bulky, deserve to enrage/block, fee up front and likewise knock foes back. Mysterion, ~ above the other hand, isn’t as bulky, but is very an effective offensively and cannot be totally killed. His ultimate is the ideal for finishing a battle method earlier 보다 you have any kind of business doing therefore if you record your opponents right.

It’s well if you choose the Brutalist, there are just much better options. The said, If you want the most an effective single target ultimate in the game, Full-Force Fisting, climate the Brutalist is the way to go.

9: Gadgeteer

Best south Park: The fractured But totality Classes


Mobility is one incredibly powerful trait to have actually in tactical games like The broken But Whole and also the Speedster has that in spades. It deserve to get around the map very quickly, attack foes from a distance, and also charge up front if needed with Supersonic Dash. In a video game where one less movement an are could spell the difference between getting approximately an enemy and also killing them or falling short and allowing them to attack again and also kill someone on your team, it’s good to have actually this extra mobility.

Plus, in a pinch, you deserve to use the incredibly distinctive Double-Edge, to shot and usage two transforms to end up off an important enemy, dual use an item, etc. Just keep in mind the you’ll skip a turn when you do that, so use it when you need that 2nd turn to obtain something critical done.

4: Blaster

Best south Park: The broken But whole Classes

The Blaster from the get-go is among the many well-balanced class in the video game that does precisely what it’s designed to execute perfectly. It deserve to spend the whole game hanging earlier and blasting rows of adversaries from throughout the map with Plasma Beam. If adversaries get as well close because that comfort, blast them back with heat Wave (which is additionally super useful in a particular mission later on in the game that us won’t spoil). And if you desire to assist wear down solitary target foes, Triple Burn go solid damage, to add it leaves a burn effect.

Unlike some of the hybrid classes earlier, the Blaster fits into any team favor a puzzle piece, and will likely be beneficial no issue what your composition is.

3: Psychic

Best southern Park: The broken But totality Classes

The Psychic is really potent support and status effect course that can aid turn the tide in battles. It not only does decent damages with its attacks, it likewise can use incredibly beneficial status effects. It can attack from any type of direction v Dazzling Flash and also apply confusion, put defense down on multiple adversaries with Cerebral blast, and also can support by throwing down protection on you yourself or an ally v Psi-Shield.

Its super, Chakra Cleanse, deserve to instantly waver the tide in her favor if things room going bad, or to preemptively give you an sheet in battle. The heals all of your allies and additionally gives lock a decent security bonus as well.

Because that its capability to support, debuff, and deal decent damages effectively every at the same time, the Psychic ranks high ~ above our perform of the finest classes.

2: Assassin

Best south Park: The fractured But whole Classes

The Assassin is may be the finest pure damage dealer in the game and should strike are afraid into any type of of The broken But Whole’s enemies. Its can be fried is among the the strongest in the game and isn’t minimal by range. It can jump right at one enemy, carry out insane damage, leaves a bleeding impact if that doesn’t kill it, and also leaves the Assassin cloaked.

All of its regular skills are incredibly an effective and leaves bleeding together well. That can focus on one target because that high damages or hit anyone neighboring it together well. That can additionally use shadow Swap come disrupt one enemy’s position, deal really high damage, and additionally leave the Assassin cloaked behind foe lines come strike again.

The Assassin is in an incredible course that, if that well supported by a tank and also support classes, can cause absolute havoc. It’s edged the end by just one other class.

1: Plantmancer

Best south Park: The broken But totality Classes

Playing with plants? that sounds lame. Except that it’s not, and also Plantmancer is among the most an effective and helpful classes top top this list, worthy of ours #1 spot. The Plantmancer is the ultimate assistance class, which makes it stand out from her buddies’ much more hybrid take on support.

It has one the the most powerful heals in the video game that hits from a broad range, plus offers everyone an strike up bonus. That can use the extremely valuable charm result on multiple enemies and also get them to fight for you, and its ultimate ability is essentially a beefed-up version of the Moses summon. Not just does it heal anyone that’s lively for a big amount, it will instantly revive any kind of dead allies too. It’s the perfect ultimate to store in your ago pocket if you desire to cave onto it in case something walk awry, or come rescue a battle that has already gone horribly wrong.

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That go it because that our list of the best South Park: fractured But whole Classes.

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