This is a perform of sound-based move in Pokemon Sword and also Shield, Isle the Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Check out on to learn much more about these moves, their communication with abilities, items, and also their results in battle.

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List that Sound-Based Moves

Boomburst The user assaults everything approximately it with the disastrous power the a terrible, explosive sound.
Bug Buzz
The user generates a damaging sound wave by vibration. This may likewise lower the target\"s Sp. Def stat.
The user assaults the target through sound waves of deafening chatter. This confuses the target.
Clanging Scales The user rubs the scale on its entire body and also makes a huge noise to attack the the contrary Pokemon. The user\"s Defense stat goes down after the attack.
Clangorous Soul The user raises all its stats by using some of its HP.
Confide The user speak the target a secret, and also the target loser its capacity to concentrate. This lowers the target\"s Special attack stat.
Disarming Voice
User walk emotional damage to the target through letting the end a charming cry. This attack never misses
Echoed Voice The user strikes the target with an echoing voice. If this move is used every turn, its strength is increased
Eerie Spell
Deals damage while also reducing the PP of the opponent\"s previously-used relocate by 3.
Growl The user growls in an endearing way, making opposing Pokemon much less wary. This lowers their assault stat.
Heal Bell The user makes a soothing bell chime to heal the status problems of all the party Pokemon
Howl The user howls loudly come raise that spirit, i m sorry raises its assault stat.
Hyper Voice The user lets loosened a horribly echoing shout through the strength to inflict damage.
Metal Sound
A terrible sound favor scraping steel harshly lowers the target\"s Sp.Def stat.
Noble Roar Letting out a noble roar, the user intimidates the target and also lowers its Attack and Sp. Atk stat.
The user attacks opposing Pokémon through twanging a etc or base guitar, leading to a large echo and strong vibration.
Parting Shot With a parting threat, the user lowers the target\"s Attack and Sp. Atk stats. Climate it switches v a party Pokmeon.
Perish Song Any Pokmeon that hears this tune faints in three turns, unless it switches the end of battle.
Relic Song The user sings an ancient song and also attacks by appeal to the mind of the hearne opposing Pokemon. This may likewise induce sleep.
Roar The target is fear off, and also a different Poemon is dragged out. In the wild, this end a battle versus a single Pokemon.
Round The user attacks the target through a song. Others can join in the ring to rise the strength of the attack.
Screech An earsplitting screech harshly lowers the target\"s Defense stat.
Sing A reassuring lullaby is sung in a calming voice the puts the target right into a deep slumber.
Snarl The user yells together if it\"s ranting about something, i m sorry lowers the Sp. Atk stat of the contrary Pokemon.
Snore This assault can be supplied only if the user is asleep. The harsh noise may likewise make the target flinch.
Sparkling Aria
The user bursts right into song, emitting plenty of bubbles. Any Pokemon experiencing from a burn will certainly be healed by the touch of this bubbles.
Supersonic The user generates weird sound waves from the body the confuse the target.
Uproar The user assaults in an uproar for 3 turns. Throughout that time, no Pokemon can fall asleep.

What space Sound-Based Moves

Sound-based moves usage sound as a way to inflict damage or its effect onto a Pokemon. This moves have unique interactions with various abilities, items, and also moves.

Counter come Sound-Based Moves

Abilities that counter Sound-Based Moves

SoundproofGives immune to ‘sound-based‘ moves.
Punk RockBoosts the power of sound-based moves. The Pokémon likewise takes half the damages from these type of moves.

Moves that counter Sound-Based Moves

Throat Chop The user attacks the target\"s throat, and also resultant suffering prevents the target from utilizing moves that emit sound for two turns.

Support to Sound-Based Moves

Abilities that assistance Sound-Based Moves

Liquid VoiceAll sound-based moves come to be Water-type moves.
Punk RockBoosts the power of sound-based moves. The Pokémon additionally takes half the damage from these type of moves.

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Items that assistance Sound-Based Moves

Throat Spray
Raises Sp. Atk once a Pokémon offers a sound-based move.

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