After installation Hyper-V in the windows, I obtain the adhering to error for to run a video game in my windows. Of course ns am no running it in the digital machine. I desire to operation the game in the pc itself that I installed the Hyper-V.

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sorry, this application cannot operation under a digital machine

Even ns tried to stop the Hyper-V service inside the Hyper-V management however that doesn\"t occupational for me and I obtain the exact same error. Please assist me find a equipment to this.




I found a an excellent solution. Make an entry in the boots loader, so the the hypervisor will certainly not begin by selecting that alternative while restarting the system. Here is the measures to this:

1.At the command prompt, type the following:

bcdedit /copy default /d \"No Hypervisor\"2.The over command should say: The entry to be successfully replicated to guid.Copy that guid come the clipboard consisting of the curly braces.

3.Now, form the following command:

bcdedit /set guid hypervisorlaunchtype offIn the above command, replace guid v what you replicated in step 2.I discovered the solution below : Hyper-V and also VMware Workstation top top the same computer.It works for me and also I hope it will works for people having the exact same problem.

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answer Mar 17 \"12 in ~ 22:32

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This is the game copy-protection do the efforts to protect against you from to run the game in a sandbox such as a digital machine, whereby you\"d be able to automate (bot) the game or hack the game by poking storage from outside of the machine.

The only means to settle this issue is for you to either

A) Uninstall VirtualPC/Hyper-V completely

B) questioning the game firm to readjust their policy, explaining specifically why you require Hyper-V and also would choose to pat their video game on the exact same machine, and also wait for them to push out one update.

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answer Mar 13 \"12 in ~ 17:10

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