Voicing: SATB with talked word solosAccompaniment: piano Music and Text:African American spiritual, arranged with extr lyrics through Kyle Pederson

Done through hatred and done v warcome, lift the lonely, come lift increase the poor

Soon we will be done through the problem of the worldwhen heaven concerns earthNo more weepin" and also wailin"when heaven comes to earth

Done...with the racism and also sexism and also all the isms and prisons that bind us,that blind us from the pains of another

I desire to be done...done with addiction, with any type of affliction the takes a hold and won"t allow goand speaks in lies and fiction.

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I want to be done...done through the points that divide us instead of hold together us,like the walls we build, the hate instilled,as us fill with judgement inside us

I want to it is in done...done with the violence, and the silence when facing injustice,but ns wonder if you"d trust united state if love was our compass.

SOON, when we come together, whenWE wake up for each other,weWILL sell these hands and also feet andBE love, compassion and also grace;come heaven to earth; we will beDONE.

Program Notes:To me, spirituals space the most powerful type of music. Spirituals to be birthed and also rooted in the experience of chattel slavery in the united States—and occurred out of, together Arthur C. Jones asserts, "deeply meaningful, archetypically person experiences, pertinent not just to the certain circumstances of enslavement but also to women and also men struggling with problems of justice, freedom, and spiritual wholeness in all times and places.”

The initial text of Soon ah will Be Done is together follows: Soon ah will certainly be done ah with the troubles of the world, the troubles of the world, the troubles of the people soon ah will certainly be excellent ah with the troubles of the world, goin’ residence to live with God No much more weepin’ and ah wailing, no an ext weepin’ and also ah wailing, no an ext weepin’ and ah wailing, goin’ house to live v God I desire to satisfy my mother, I want to meet my mother, I desire to meet my mother, goin’ home to live v God I desire to satisfy my Jesus, I want to accomplish my Jesus, I want to meet my Jesus, goin’ house to live with God

When i sang this spiritual growing up, ns was struck by both the withering sorrow and expectant hope throughout. The melody and also emotion has actually stuck with me since. As soon as approaching my own arrangement, i hoped to honor the voice the the original writers and also their suffer of slavery, and also I also sought to prolong a voice to human being today who room suffering indigenous injustice, racism, and also oppression in many forms. Ns hoped one appropriateway to respect the endure of the original writers could be come invite the contemporary listener come envision and commit come a better, much more just people today----a human being of inclusion, radical kindness, compassion, love, and also grace--a human being where we have actually the courage come champion the inherent dignity and value of every people, a civilization where we will certainly be done through all the methods we deny a person"s worth. A world where "heaven has come to earth.”

In this arrangement, talked word is integrated throughout, intended to heighten the soot of the performance, and meant to offer a sense of immediacy come the an obstacle for the choir and audience to work-related together for justice, equity, and also wholeness. Talked word has often been provided as the language the protest—and I encompass it deliberately as a means of offering voice to the choir members (and listener)—where all have the right to stand in solidarity versus oppression and injustice. If desired, choir members are urged to write their own spoken word message that speak to worries of inequity and injustice in their own communities.

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I am creating this program keep in mind not lengthy after George Floyd to be murdered in Minneapolis, MN on may 25, 2020. Together a Minneapolis area resident because that the past 25 years, ns want and also need to take a much more active function in working in the direction of justice in my community. All proceeds got from the sale and also performance that Soon We will certainly Be Done will be directed to ISAIAH--a multi-racial, state-wide, nonpartisan coalition the faith communities fighting for racial and also economic justice in Minnesota. You can read much more about the phenomenal work ISAIAH is doing right here (https://isaiahmn.org).