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Upgrade Sony Xperia Z3 Compact to 8.1These instructions define how to update the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) smart phone. These instructions carry out not include backup instructions, therefore be certain to save any important information and then continue at your very own risk.


Laptop or desktop - windows 7Xperia - fully charged (100% recommended)TWRP


These instructions can brick your phone, calculation it a paperweight. Read all the instructions thoroughly at least once before girlfriend begin.

Unlocking the bootloader erases Sony"s DRM-protected functionality, such as X-Reality Engine and also Miracast. Unless you make a back-up of a particular partition, the functionality will it is in permanently lost.

Enable Developer Mode

Enable developer mode on the phone as follows:

Power on the phoneOpen SettingsTap About phoneScroll down to Build numberTap Build number at the very least 7 time in successionEnable developer mode

Developer mode is enabled.

Install machine Drivers

On the laptop or desktop computer, do the complying with steps:

Disconnect Phone from USB, if not already disconnectedDownload Flashtool v0.9.24.4 for WindowsInstall into C:\FlashtoolPlug phone into laptop or desktop computer USB portRun C:\Flashtool\drivers\Flashtool-drivers.exeCheck Flashboot DriversScroll downCheck Xperia Z3 Compact machine DriverClick InstallAccept any kind of warnings that appear

The an equipment drivers space installed.

Install platform Tools

Download and also install the Debug bridge (ADB) together follows:

Unzip into C:\Program Files\platform-toolsType: cd C:\Program Files\platform-toolsType: adb devicesAuthorize the connection on the phone.

The call is listed and the ADB communication tools room installed.

Unblock the Bootloader

Advanced users can use Flashtool come unlock the bootloader, i m sorry is not described herein.

Unblock the phone"s bootloader as follows:

Complete action 1: Check if the bootloader have the right to be unlocked on your deviceSkip step 2: installing devices drivers and also platform toolsUnplug the USB cableComplete step 3: Connect to FastbootComplete step 4: Enter unlock keyType: fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xUNLOCK CODEReplace UNLOCK CODE with the unlock code from Sony

The console shows:

...OKAY < 1.544s>finished. Full time: 1.560sThe bootloader is unlocked.


After the bootloader is unlocked, reboot the phone as follows:

Type: fastboot rebootWait for the reboot cycle to complete

The call is rebooted with an unlocked bootloader.


TWRP is a tool for writing custom software program on mobile phones. Install TWRP together follows:

The calculation resembles:

target didn"t report max-download-sizesending "FOTAKernel" (10730 KB)...OKAY < 0.345s>writing "FOTAKernel"...OKAY < 0.722s>finished. Full time: 1.075sTWRP recovery setting application is installed, to aid flashing ROM.


A grasp of ROMs exist. When selecting a ROM, additionally find the variation of GApps that is an ideal for the selected ROM. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact provides a Snapdragon 801 Processor, which has actually a 32-bit architecture.

Note: these instructions have actually only to be successfully achieved using CarbonROM and also MindTheGapps.

CarbonROM 6.1

Download CarbonROM from:

Download the ARM design version that MindTheGapps from:

Alternatively, download the 32-bit ARM style version of open up GApps because that version 8.1 from:

The variation of open up GApps must complement the version of CarbonROM.

Skip come the General ROM Installation section.

LineageOS 15.1

Download LineageOS from (forum post):

Skip come the General ROM Installation section.

OmniROM Oreo 8.1

Download OmniROM Oreo from one of two people of the complying with sites (forum post):

Continue to the General ROM Installation section.

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General ROM Installation

The ROM filename will differ, depending on the ROM the was downloaded, together as:

CarbonROM: CARBON-CR-6.1-NOCT-WEEKLY-z3c-20180605-0603.zipOmniROM: omni-8.1.0-20180320-z3c-nailyk.zipLineageOS:

The steps to speed a provided ROM are as follows:

Reboot the phone call using: fastboot rebootStart Xperia CompanionClick Browse XperiaPower turn off phoneUnplug phonePress and also hold the volume under buttonPress and also hold the strength buttonWait for a slim vibration before releasing both buttonsWait because that recovery applications to loadSwipe to permit modificationsSelect WIPESelect AdvancedCheck the following:Dalvik / arts cacheSystemCacheDataSwipe to confirm wipeTap Home iconTap InstallBrowse to and also select the OS ROM fileTap Add an ext ZipsBrowse to and select the GApps fileSwipe to check FlashTap Reboot SystemWait for the boot to complete and also the GApps are mounted using the mentioned ROM.