Solution come "An error emerged while producing the media file. The system is low on memory. You may have the ability to reduce memory usage by closing other applications" when trying to render a video record in Sony las vegas Movie Studio Platinum

I got this error this day in Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite when I tried come render a video file.

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_An error emerged while creating the media record …. The device is low on memory. You may have the ability to reduce memory intake by closing various other applications._


The real difficulty is that las vegas is a 32bit application and therefore is only enabled 2GB that RAM. Rendering video files needs much more than that. (Good conversation on SOF here:

You should modify the CF header of the vegas executable to permit it come consume more than 2GB the RAM. This procedure is documented in detail on creativecow here:

Here’s just how I walk it:

1. Download and also install CFFExplorer.exe.

a) walk to

b) click the “Download the explorer Suite” link in the upper appropriate hand edge of the page:


c) install it

2. Open up CFFExplorer.exe as Administrator, make sure you open as administrator otherwise girlfriend won’t be able to save the file.

3. Open up the vegas file. Mine to be here: C:\Program records (x86)\Sony\Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0\VegasMovieStudioPE100.exe. You should backup the original document just in situation you should revert later.


4. In the left hand pane, click on document Header and also then in the right pane, click “Click here”


5. Inspect the “App deserve to handle >2gb address space” checkbox and click OK.

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6. Click Yes come overwrite the original file


7. If you obtain an error that the file can’t be composed then you didn’t open CFF explorer as administrator.