Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

Developers: Sega technical Institute, PolygamesPublishers: Sega (JP/US/EU), Tec Toy (BR)Platform: GenesisReleased in JP: December 10, 1993Released in US: November 23, 1993Released in EU: November 15, 1993Released in AU: 1993Released in BR: 1993

This video game has a hidden level select.

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This video game has regional differences.
This video game has revisional differences.

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Sonic Spinball is a pinball/platformer hybrid loosely based upon ABC"s Saturday-morning Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. One adaption of one adaption? points are acquiring a small too Inception below for comfort... This game additionally has terrible alternatives music, with one of the tools being louder 보다 it should.


2 Cheat Codes3 regional Differences


Prototype Info

Prerelease Info

Cheat Codes

In the OPTIONS menu, the video game registers the button inputs that you press. Pushing the correct button sequence will trigger either the Level Select or Play Credits.


The Level Select doesn"t work on REV0 USA variation of Sonic Spinball.There is a an insect where if you adjust the Flipper Controls native the default choice (A_LEFT | B_RIGHT | C_ALL), exit the OPTIONS menu and also return to push the switch combinations, the cheat password won"t work.

Level Select

In the OPTIONS menu, press the following:

A ↓ B ↓ C ↓ A B ↑ A C ↑ B C ↑A sound effect will check if correct buttons to be pressed. Currently go ago to the title screen and also hold the compelled button:

A for Level 2 - Lave PowerhouseB for Level 3 - The MachineC for Level 4 - Showdown

While holding the forced button, press Start to start on the level.

Play Credits

In the OPTIONS menu, press the following:

C ↑ B ↑ A ↑ C B ↓ C A ↓ B A ↓A sound result will confirm if the exactly buttons to be pressed. The Credits will immediately start playing.

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Regional Differences

Japanese Version

Most of the sound results are different in the Japanese version.