“In My Time Of Dying” is Led Zeppelin’s longest song ever, via a studio album song length of 11 minutes 6 seconds.All four of the members of Led Zeppelin were detailed with… Read More 

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In my time of dyingI desire nobody to mournAll I desire for you to doIs take my body homeWell, well, wellSo I can die easyWell, well, wellSo I have the right to die easyJesus got to make upYou knowJesus going to make upJesus going to consist of my dying bedMeet me, Jesus, satisfy meOoh, fulfill me in the middle of the airIf my wings need to fail me, LordOh, please satisfy me via one more pairWell, well, wellSo I can die easyOh, ohWell, well, wellSo I can die easyJesus going to make upSomebody, somebodyOh, ohJesus going to make upJesus going to make up my dying bed
Oh, Saint PeterAt the entrances of heavenWon't you let me in?I never did no harmI never before did no wrongAh, oh, Gabriel, let me blow your hornLet me blow your hornOh, I never did no harmDid no harmI've only been this young onceI never before thought I'd carry out anybody no wrongNo, not once, oh noOh yeah!Oh, I did somebody some goodSomebody some great, yes, ohOh, did somebody some excellent, yeahI need to have did somebody some great, yeahOh, I believe I didI watch the smiling facesI know I must have left some traces, oh
And I view them in the streetsAnd I check out them in the fieldAnd I hear them shouting under my feetAnd I know it's obtained to be realOh Lord, supply meAll the wrong I've doneOh, you deserve to deliver me, LordI only wanted to have actually some funOh, hear the angels marching, hear them marchingHear them marching, hear them marching, the marchingOh my Jesus, oh my Jesus, oh my Jesus, oh my JesusOh my Jesus, oh my JesusMy Jesus, oh my JesusOh my Jesus, oh my Jesus, ah, ohNow my Jesus, hey, yeah, it's gained to be my Jesus, oh-whoaIt's obtained to be, it's obtained to be my Jesus, it's obtained to be, ohIt's got to be my Jesus, oh, take me homeCome on, come on, I can hear the angels singingOh, here they come, right here they come, here they comeBye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-byeOh, it feels pretty excellent up below, pretty excellent up hereOh Georgina, oh Georgina, oh Georgina, oh Georgina, oh GeorginaOh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh yeahOoh, I'll check out you aobtain, come onTake it, take it, take it, take, it, yeah, yeah, hey, hey, ooh yesOh, don't you make it my dying, dying, dying...

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(Coughing)CoughThat's going to be the one isn't it?Come have a listen thenOh yes, thank you