This is a quick Now playing overlay ns created, influenced by the awesome widget produced by Aiden Wallis.Video demo accessible here.Video tutorial obtainable here.

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Why use this?If you ever tried using Aiden Wallis"s widget, you can know the it has a pretty slow refresh rate, and if the servers room overloaded it have the right to sometimes not even update for several minutes.This widget aims to carry out you with the same functionality however with a local html page, meaning you don"t count on any third party servers working!And finally, customisability! By modifying the .CSS file, you can change how the widget looks. I"ve left bellow a fast start guide on exactly how to customize the widget!Features-Checks because that song adjust every second-Smooth transitioning in between songs-Automatically hides itself as soon as no track is playing-Automatically enables scrolling text effect when the text is as well long-Only to update the user interface when the song changesPrerequisitesSnip (or Tuna, as questioned below)How to set it upSnip setup:1. Set up Snip with your Spotify or iTunes account together usual2. Check Save information Separately, save Artwork and also Empty document If No monitor PlayingWidget setup:Drop both the .html and .css files in the same magazine as snip.exe
.OBS Setup:1. Include a browser source2. Inspect Local file3. Point OBS come Song.html4. Collection the size to 350 by 705. Enjoy!How come use v TunaCurrently, Snip only supports Spotify and also iTunes. If you wanna use an additional platform, you"ll have to use Tuna, an additional OBS plugin.In order because that this come work, you must collection Tuna to export the following files in the same magazine as Song.html:- "Snip_Track.txt" include the song"s name (%T)- "Snip_Artist.txt" containing the artist"s name (%M)- "Snip_Artwork.jpg" include the album artworkAlso make certain the track placeholder is empty.Customization rapid startThe most typical thing you can want to carry out is to change the shade of the widget. The following properties will affect:-Background color: Under #bigdiv readjust "background-color"-Artist color: Under #artist readjust the "color" property-Song color: Under #song readjust the "color" propertyYou might also want to readjust the font. For this change the "font-family" home of #artist and #song. However, you might wanna first read about the font-family property.If you currently know just how CSS works, feel complimentary to tinker with the style as lot as you want!
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