Snapchat is one of the most popularly used messaging platforms worldwide. You can send text as well as pictures and videos called snaps to your friends or family. There are various filters and games that you can use in the app. In addition to all this, Snapchat offers its users news, entertainment, and various amazing photo and video editing tools.

You can also create Snap streaks with your friends and family by sending them snaps daily. You need a proper connection to the internet and you can enjoy using this app. Many Snapchat users face a connection error with an error message “Snapchat could not connect. Please check your connection and try again”. If you are among those users, then this article is for you.

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1Why am I Getting Snapchat Connection Error?
210 Ways to Fix Snapchat Connection Error
2.11. Restart your Device
2.22. Update Snapchat
2.33. Switch to Mobile Data if on Wi-Fi or Vice Versa
2.44. Clear App Cache
2.55. Avoid Using VPN
2.66. Disable Battery Saver
2.77. Uninstall Unauthorized Apps and Plugins
2.88. Reinstall your Snapchat app
2.99. Un-Root Your Android Device
2.1010. Your Snapchat Account may be Locked

Why am I Getting Snapchat Connection Error?

There could be various reasons why Snapchat is not connecting or giving a popup of “Check your connection and try again”. Often, this problem occurs because of the connectivity issue or because of multiple applications running in the background of your device.

But solving such problems is very easy and you can solve them by clearing out the background applications or restarting your network. However, even after doing this, some users failed to connect to Snapchat. Do not worry, in this article you will get to know how to fix this connection error on Snapchat.

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10 Ways to Fix Snapchat Connection Error

Here are 10 ways you can solve the Snapchat connection error. All these methods are simple and won’t require much time to do.

1. Restart your Device

The first and the easiest way to fix this problem is to restart your phone. Everything in RAM is cleared when you restart your phone. All fragments of prior applications that were used will be removed and all open applications will force close. The RAM is basically “cleansed” when your phone boots again so that you begin with a new slate. Therefore, by doing this your connection error can be solved. For this,

Press and hold the power button for a second.You will get different options, select “Restart/Reboot”.In few minutes your device will restart.

2. Update Snapchat

Sometimes connection errors occur when you are not using the latest version of the application. The application get updates from its developer frequently and not everyone keeps checking for updates. Therefore, if you cannot connect to Snapchat, try to check for new updates and update the application.

For Android:

Open PlayStore then type Snapchat in the search bar.If there is any update available, then an “Update” button will appear.Click on the update button to update Snapchat.

For iOS:

Tap the App Store to access it on your iPhone.Now to check for updates, select the Updates tab.Finally, to update Snapchat, select the Update button next to Snapchat.

After updating the app, try connecting again.


9. Un-Root Your Android Device

Many Android device users root their devices for various reasons. Rooting the device gives them additional options to modify or change anything on their device. But there are instance when you cant login to Snapchat using a rooted Android device. Whether you try to login into your Snapchat account or want to create a new one, you will always get a notification “Connection Error”.

You can unroot your Android device using this guide.

10. Your Snapchat Account may be Locked

For a few reasons, a Snapchat account could be locked. If your Snapchat account is locked, you cannot log in. This is done to keep Snapchat safe and exciting for every user and protect their account. Find out what to do if you lock your Snapchat account here.

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There could be various reasons why you can’t connect to your Snapchat. The first thing you need to do is restart your device. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you can follow the other solutions given above. If nothing works, then there is a chance that your account is locked.