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I require a lightweight double activity only revolver. I prefer both of these yet I can"t decide which means to go. Which is the ideal choice? Which has actually the finest trigger?
Lcr cause is a lot lighter. S&w are pretty tried and true however those damn 5 shot hammermuch less 38s seem to be set at 12lbs or more. Both are great for what they are. It is easier yet to short stroke the Lcr and also skip a chamber if you do not let the trigger out all of the way after firing. Sent from my SCH-I605 making use of Tapatalk
I went Smith in the 340 design. I think they need a small trigger job-related to get them more in line via reality. even more like 6-8 lbs is safe enough for me.
A friend of mine has the LCR. I liked it a lot yet the short stroking was a difficulty for me. I think I can acquire over it if I had some extfinished practice with the pistol though. I prefer that the LCR has front sight options.

I carry the LCR / .357 in the summer once its warm and its really the perfect pocket pistol.The .38 & .357 are the same size but the .357 is about 4 ounces heavier with a stainmuch less steel frame.VERY smooth create.

I have actually the S&W Bodyguard, excellent pistol. Trigger is fine and I favor the manufacturing facility lazer sight. Priced ideal at 416.00 bucks. I shoot 125g +p hp via no difficulties. I took a hard look at the Ruger also. Good luck through your option.
I have a S&W and also LCR, I choose the LCR on a day-to-day basis. I simply shoot it much better, It has the front fiber optic on it which helps a lot. THe smith has actually had some create occupational, simply still liking the ruger more
Thanks for the replies. I am probably going to get the LCR. But I will certainly manage both if my shop has actually them before I make a decision.
If you like the 642 better, for whatever factor, you have the right to make the cause better via an Apex kit. 25 bucks and a brief installation video around 30 minute task.

LCR will certainly have actually a better create and the capacity to put a much better front sight on without gunsmithing. Get that one.That being sassist I live my M&P 340Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I went yesterday and also looked at both. After trying the trigger on both I bought the S&W 642. I like it a lot. I have dry fired so a lot this day that my finger turned purple but the trigger has actually smoothed out nicely now at about 12 pounds. I might try that apex kit though.

Smart relocate taking a look at them side by side and also acquiring what you like the best.Not a poor pick in between the two.

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I went yesterday and looked at both. After trying the create on both I bought the S&W 642. I prefer it a lot. I have actually dry fired so much now that my finger turned purple however the cause has actually smoothed out nicely now at about 12 pounds. I can try that apex kit though.


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