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I"d prefer some intake on the subject. Would certainly I be much better saving up money, about $550, for a new Ruger SP101-22 or a provided S&W 617?The only .22 revolver I"ve owned was a K-22 Target Masterpeice. Ns parted v it a year back for gaue won reasons. Ns would choose a great revolver because that plinking/targer occupational again.
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I like Ruger and also the idea of a 22 SP101. Yet for target occupational I"m for the S&W 617 or also a level old 17.

I owned a 617 as soon as they an initial came the end (maybe I had a lemon?) but was not impressed v the accuracy and that was from a bench rest so ns traded it. Ns can"t to speak anything around the Ruger various other than they certain look and also feel nice and will be my following handgun purchase.

I like the 617 however I carry out not have actually a .22 SP101. My guess is the a offered 617 is going to increase in value.
Bruce I never ever talked to anyone who had actually to fire your gun who stated "I wished I had the smaller sized gun and also fewer rounds with me" Just since you uncover a hundred world who agree v you ~ above the net does not mean you"re right.
I really favor my 617, they space expensive because that a .22, yet to me its precious it. Ns don"t have any kind of experience with the SP101 yet, yet it looks favor a good option because that someone wanting a quality gun yet without plunking down the cash because that a 617.

I favor my 617, yet my ruger mkII is an ext accurate and an ext reliable. I have no suffer with the Sp101.
I think a much better comparison would be in between the SP101 and also S&W 63. The 617 is a premium pedigree. Can not it is in as an excellent as it provided to be yet it have to surpass the Ruger in most respects. Ns think the Ruger would certainly compare much more favorably v the 63, despite if both were priced similarly, I"d still take it the S&W.
The just S&W .22lr i have ever before had to be an S&W 22A. Ns didn’t care for it, so I sold it. ns did have an older SP101 in .22lr though and also I really delighted in it. I believed it was really accurate the end to 25 yards. Ns wish i still had actually the Ruger yet I might pick increase the more recent version at some point soon due to the fact that the older people are tough to come by.
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No method would I spend the money smith desires for your 22 revolvers. I am loving the look at of the brand-new sp101, and I will be purchase one. This is the very first gun in a lengthy time that really jumped the end at me, other that ns really want.Outdoor Hub mobile, the outdoor information engine
are rugers coming through a developed in lock now too?ive check out that some have actually a built in lock under the grips.
They space just beginning to put internal locks in their revolvers i believe. Definitely still not usual place.
Out that the box, the blacksmith should have a much much better trigger than the Ruger. Both have the right to be boosted by a create job, yet the S&W still has actually the potential because that a better trigger even after tradition work.I favored the SP101 in .357 that I offered to have, and the thing was built like a tank. Too heavy for pocket carry, yet comfortable in one IWB holster. The create was means too heavy. It was smooth though, i beg your pardon is more important than in its entirety pull weight.All things being equal, I"d lean toward the Smith. But it"s a an individual decision. View if friend can obtain your hand on both to shot them out before making her decision.
+1 this. You deserve to probably discover them for less than one of two people the 617 or the Ruger. (I admit it will certainly be a close point on the Ruger though.)
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+1 this. You deserve to probably discover them for much less than one of two people the 617 or the Ruger. (I admit it will certainly be a close thing on the Ruger though.)
I don"t think you"ll find a 17 in ~ the exact same price point as the Ruger. I"ve seen a couple of 18s digital that to be nice and appeared to me to be very underpriced because that what you gain for $500. Older 17s that space decent generally run an extremely close to the $650 or for this reason pricetag the the 617 new.The Ruger shows up to be ideal for plinking and I"ll probably get one despite the fact that ns dislike fiber optic sights.

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I have actually a 617 and also it has actually been great. Great trainer revolver, and also fun plinker. Precious the money, buy as soon as cry once.I have actually over 20,000 rounds with mine and also it quiet works choose new.
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