I probably don"t have to tell you over there is right now no means to gain onto the exact same Slither.io server together your friends. It"s sad but true.

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For now we have to use expansions to connect to the same server as friends and also lucky enough that"s quite easy and also safe utilizing the Chrome web Store version of Slither Plus. (I can"t vouch because that the manual install version utilizing Tampermoney, however the Chrome internet Store download is safe.)

Slither to add is a fan-made tool through a variety of features, among which gift the capacity to watch your server IP and share the IP through friends--or have them re-superstructure the IP they"re on through you.

So just how do you have your friends join the same server? It"s easy, however both you and also your friend(s) require to have actually Slither to add installed.

Step 1. Begin playing like you typically would

When you go to Slither.io v Slither Plus permitted the screen is a little different.

And as you deserve to see at the bottom appropriate there is the IP: play first text through the "Connect to IP" button.


Ignore this for now and instead input your name and press "Play" favor you usually would.

Step 2. Get the server IP and also give that to your friend(s)

Once you"re in you"ll view the IP for the server you"re linked to in ~ the bottom right of the screen. The image listed below is one example.


Move to what not lived in so friend can type the IP out to her friend on the side, then store playing.

Step 3. Have actually your girlfriend input the IP to connect

Next it"s out of her hands! anyone you want to sign up with you on that server demands to attach via the IP you offered them. Using Slither plus you deserve to do this via the "Connect come IP" switch mentioned above. Have your friend click it, climate input the full IP resolve in the bar and also hit OK come connect.

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And with that, you and anyone you want to play through will be able to affix to the same server and also play together!Slither.io will be getting a future update to do it easier for friend to connect without having to usage extensions but for the time being the easiest method is to use Slither add to to protect against endlessly dance servers till you uncover one another.