I’ve already described “Ophelia,"“Cleopatra,” and "Angela," and also currently it’s time for “Sleep on the Floor.” This song adheres to the various other 3 in tone and style, yet this is the initially one I"ve done that the title of which is not straight around a female character. There is still a story being told here, but points are a little more vague. In an interview at the iHeartRadio Concert, the band also described the song a little:

It"s simply around, I think, people move to substantial cities, whether it"s New York or LA, specific cities have actually these assures implied. You"re gonna go tright here, and also you"re gonna meet that promise, you"re gonna capture that dream that you had actually in your head. And as soon as you go tright here and it does not happen, that"s sort of a reactivity to that. It was kind of amazing to go to Denver of all places, and that"s wright here we finally started acquiring some motion, or some tractivity, and also we started to tour as a real band would certainly. And I found that tbelow was so much restriction in these expensive cities, it kind of kills your artistry. If you"re trying to perform what we were trying to execute, which was tour a lot.

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"Sleep on the Floor" is, in basic, about moving away to substantial cities and also leaving the small ones, but there"s so much more to the song than that. Let"s dig into it.

Lyrical Analysis of "Sleep on the Floor"

Into and also Outro

Sandwiching the remainder of the song, the intro and outro are very equivalent and also both construct the very same template of leaving a little town prior to it"s also late. Wesley Schultz sings, "Pack yourself a toothbrush, dear / Pack yourself a favorite blouse / Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out." The narrator is a guy singing to his girlfriend, informing her that they must leave tvery own or "e could never make it out." He defines that he "was not born to drvery own." Living in the small tvery own he"s in isn"t helping him to achieve his desires, and he desires to perform something bigger.

The outro transforms a tiny, and also the last two lines are, ""Cause if we do not leave this tvery own /We might never make it out." Ending the song this means emphasize the narrator"s feeling of urgency that he will certainly have been arising given that the intro at the start of the song.

First Verse

The Lumineers" male narrator tells his girlfriend to "oracquire what Father Brennan said," that "e were . . . born in in." He"s arguing against the Christian doctrine of original sin which holds that all humans are born sinful and sepaprice from God and also that they should seek Jesus for saving from their own wrongdoings. The narrator, yet, does not host to this theology and also desires instead to innocently look for his desires and also to think about various other significant concepts.

He desires his girlfrifinish to leave "a note on your bed / Let you mommy understand you"re safe." He explains that by the time " wakes / We"ll have propelled with the state." The takeameans right here is that he"s trying to "steal her away" and also to not just leave tvery own, yet to go somewhere much amethod extremely intentionally.


But Schultz"s narrator doesn"t simply desire to take his girlfriend amethod, he wants to understand what she wants and just how much she"s dependent on him for her desire for obtaining a lot out of life. He sings, "If the sunlight do not shine on me now / And if the submeans flood and also bridges break"--negative points take place and also my dreams do not come true--"Will you lay yourself down and also dig your grave / Or will you rail versus your dying day?"

This last line of the question brings to mind the poem "Do Not Go Gentle right into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas, wbelow the poet writes, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Thomas wants civilization to take the most out of life and also to avoid apathy just prefer The Lumineers" narrator wants to understand if his girlfrifinish is just following him alengthy or actually desires to "rage" and also "rail" against the "dying light" also. He wants her to still look for the ideal out of life also if their hopes fall with.

2nd Verse

He proceeds singing, "And once we looked external, couldn"t also watch the skies." This is prior to they left tvery own, and also he"s still trying to convince her. And the absence of sky is helping him bereason it"s emphasizing just how closed in they are and how few avenues they need to chase their desires.

He asks her, "How carry out you pay the rent, is it your parental fees / Or is it hard job-related, dear, holding the atmosphere?" Whether it"s assistance on paleas for handouts or working unpleasant jobs that keeps life going for the girlfriend, the narrator "don"t wanna live favor that." He desires more, and also he desires to go somewhere else. In enhancement, the answer to his question is likewise obvious--neither paleas nor difficult occupational are holding up the setting. Whether they leave or not, he"s saying, points will certainly still job-related out, and also the human being will stay normal.


In the bridge, the narrator sings, "Jesus Christ can"t conserve me tonight," to imply, possibly, that he"s not okay through comfortably seeking a spiritual life in a tiny town. Jesus provides forgiveness for sins, not necessarily excitement or the fulfillment of all dreams.

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The narrator tells his girlfrifinish to "

ut on your dress, yes, wear somepoint nice / Decide on me, yea, decide on us / Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois." He"s telling her that he"s not going to stay also if she will not come via him, so her remaining is indistinguishable to them breaking up, and also he does not desire that. The reference to"Illinois" might indicate that the big tvery own they"re going to is Chicearlier or that they"re leaving Illinois to go in other places.

What’d you think of "Sleep on the Floor"? What’d you think of The Lumineers’ brand-new album? Let me understand in the comments, and if you think of something I"ve missed, please let us all know!