When people think of prompt prints, the an initial thing that usually pertains to mind is the timeless square-shaped Polaroid about the size of of a tea coaster.

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This is why many people are frequently surprised the very first time they see the dimension of Instax Mini photos. The film itself (including the white border) is around the same size as a business card, when the actual dimension of the photo is also smaller.


You can see the specific measurements below:

Film size: 54mm (W) x 86mm (H)Image size: 46mm (W) x 62mm (H)

You could be wondering whether the size of Instax Mini picture affects what friend photograph, and I believe it does.

Because Instax Mini prints are considerably smaller 보다 prints from various other cameras, the makes more sense to shoot significant subjects that fill your framework (e.g. A human or animal) rather than a see or cityscape. This is because landscapes/cityscapes are complete of minute details that may not show up correctly in the final print.

The same can be stated for photos take away of human being at a distance. Due to the fact that the publish is small, girlfriend may an alert that facial features don’t display up as well as they should.

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That being said, Instax Mini size prints do have a far-reaching advantage. As result of their size, friend can easily carry approximately them in her wallet or holders designed for service cards.


One last thing to remember is the Instax Mini movie shouldn’t be confused with Instax broad film. Back both are developed by Fujifilm, the two are totally different sizes, so friend won’t have the ability to fit the former inside her Instax Mini camera. It’s a wrong that human being occasionally make, so I assumed it was definitely worth mentioning!

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