Sin Senos no Hay Paraíso (Without Breasts there Is No Paradise) is a RTI Colombia–Telemundo work again, please again and loose adaptation the the initial Colombian collection Sin tetas no hay paraíso. The series is based upon investigative journalist Gustavo Bolivar"s debut novel and features one attractive young prostitute who desires come have substantial breast implants in stimulate to lure a wealthy cocaine smuggler. It is additionally based on a true story. The series premiered on June 16, 2008.


Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos), a young woman in Pereira, Colombia, is ready to risk every little thing in order come escape the poverty she stays in and fulfill her desires - also if this means putting she life and her verity in jeopardy. Her mother Hilda (Catherine Siachoque), a lovely tough working woman through no sources to carry out her children with luxuries, expends boundless energy in her efforts to press both her children, Catalina and her brother Byron (Juan Diego Sánchez) to prosper. In spite of their mother"s efforts, Byron and Catalina"s situation is filled v poverty and also need.

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