Amanda has been a Simmer (fan the "The Sims" games) due to the fact that childhood. To today she still discovers brand-new ways come play.

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Part of the fun of The Sims 3 is offering yourself brand-new challenges. Countless Simmers find that the richer their sim is, the duller stated Sim is. Of course, this isn't have to true, but sometimes it can be fun to get ago to a great old no-money-cheats, working-class Sim.

Why not take that a step lower? walk all the way down come homeless! now that's a challenge and among the countless fun things to do in The Sims 3.

Speaking of words "challenge," there space actually challenge games made up by other The Sims players because that "homeless" Sims.

However, if you simply wish to play the game freely, then this is just how to succeed together a homeless sim in The Sims 3.


Clothing choices in The Sims 3 do it basic to dress a sim prefer they can't purchased anything yet rags.

Photo by Amanda S.

Physical Appearance

This needs tiny explanation—simply be an innovative and create a center like any type of other, yet keep in mind their state of homelessness. Possibly get rid of makeup and an elaborate hairstyles. You could slide the homeless Sim's body-weight range to as skinny together it gets. Details expansions even come with ratty-looking clothing!

While not strictly necessary, I find it helps me stay in the spirit of a game if I save up appearances—whether I'm playing a Sim that is homeless or a center who wants to live the end an undead life as an angry vampire.

Picking Traits

Like any other Sim, your homeless center will have a varied mix the traits and can be any kind of personality you like in The Sims 3. However, a few select characteristics will aid you along the method to happy, successful homelessness by make life a tiny easier!

Kleptomaniac: besides making your sim a small inclined to "permanently borrow" some items, the will open up the capability to "swipe" items in public areas after dark (specifically between 7 p.m. And also 6 a.m.) or in homes you've been invited to—just don't acquire caught! you can always return the stolen items via mailbox and also get yourself a hopeful moodlet, yet those swiped objects can add up to some quick cash. My sim even controlled to sneak off v a pair of cars!

Loves the Outdoors: ~ all, her Sim will be spending fairly a bit of time outdoors! girlfriend will have actually the optimistic moodlet the "One with Nature" native staying external for such a long time, an increasing your Sim's the atmosphere continually. Fishing and gardening will likewise come less complicated to Sims with this trait, two very useful an abilities for any type of Sim, but specifically one living off the land and nothing else!

Gatherer: This properties was introduced with the "Supernatural" growth pack and makes a Sim better at planting, catching, harvesting, and also picking. More plentiful gardens mean much more to eat, and an ext valuable insects equal extra money once they space sold.

Green Thumb: comparable to the "Gatherer" trait, the environment-friendly Thumb is obtainable in the basic game and also focuses ~ above digging in the dirt—otherwise known as gardening. Find out the skill 25% faster and produce higher quality fruits and vegetables, for this reason going come bed v a full and also healthy stomach.

Loves the Cold/Loves the Heat: obtainable (and only relevant) v the "Seasons" development pack, either of this traits will aid your homeless sim out in the too much heat or cold the summer and winter. Besides enjoying the cold/heat, a Sim with this trait have the right to stay out much longer without freeze or getting sunburned, depending on which you choose.

Angler: boost your Sim's fun through a many fishing when they have the Angler trait. They will additionally catch larger and far better fish, an interpretation more money and tastier meals!

Mooch: A Sim with the "Mooch" trait can beg food and money native friends and neighbors! how useful!

Getting Started

First, you will want to select the lot her Sim will certainly officially call "home." It simply won't have a house! Pick any kind of empty lot friend like. I personally made decision one near a beach—an ample source of fish and seeds and also rest in the heat seasons.

Next, as soon as your homeless center is cleared up into their empty lot, you have to do something about all that extra money they have from no purchasing a fully furnished home to go with their property. Sure, you deserve to just save the money your sim starts off v tucked away and just not invest it, or perhaps use that to store them fed at diners and entertained by movies and also books. However if you desire a enlarge challenge, you'll need to delete her Sim's simoleon supply.

This deserve to be accomplished with a basic on-and-off cheat. And also is it really cheating once you're using the words to hurt her Sim? usage the following:

TestingCheatsEnabled True, complied with by

Family accumulation (It should look something favor this: family members Funds blacksmith 0)

TestingCheatsEnabled False

There—you're all done! Your sim is officially damaged as can be since debt does no yet exist in The Sims 3 world.



With no bed, it's walk to be a trick to store your Sim's energy level up! Thankfully, naps can be had throughout the town. Look for park benches and also reclining chairs ~ above the coast or poolside in the gym because that those cold winter months.

Unfortunately, a nap will certainly last only a few Sim hours prior to ending. Thankfully, you have the right to send your center right ago to sleep again by clicking the chair or bench and also selecting the right option.

Don't it is in surprised if also a complete night the napping doesn't fill your Sim's energy bar. But, hey, would you feel really well rest if you spent the night sleeping in a chair outdoors?!

Thankfully, there is also the choice of a sleeping bag if you space lucky enough to have actually Generations! It have the right to be brought with you anywhere in inventory and also pulled out at the beach, at the park, or also inside a library. Sleep all night as if in a bed.

If you have actually Ambitions and a fire station, then feel cost-free to live it up in the lull of four walls, a roof, beds, a fridge, entertainment, and showers. The firefighters won't also blink at her presence! Think that it as the local homeless shelter.

In the cold winter months of The Sims 3, your center can construct an igloo because that a complete night's sleep in toasty warmth.



There's no must live in poor hygiene with the cost-free 24-hour gymnasium right roughly the corner. Neighborhood pools may also offer showers to guests. Just go best in and aid your center to a nice warmth shower, and also a toilet break.

For quick hygiene boosts, stop at any public facility to wash hands or brush teeth. Your center will even get bonus moodlets because that these actions!




Thankfully, her Sim has actually many alternatives for food while being homeless! If lock earn some money, they can spend their meals in ~ a neighborhood diner and fill up in warmth v entertainment. If your sim is struggling with income, together he or she will most likely be, climate there are still many cost-free ways come eat in The Sims 3!

For starters, keep an eye out for picnics. These have the right to be found at parks and also beaches. A picnic basket complete of food, on timeless red and white checkered blanket, will appear—free for all and also a complete meal for your Sim. Just watch the end for ants!

You may find trees around town v fruit come harvest as well. These apples or limes will certainly go straight into your Sim's inventory and can be pulled the end for a quick bite to eat in ~ will.

Furthermore, as I'll discuss below, your center can prosper their own food! Collect seeds in grass roughly town and also plant and care because that them, climate watch together they thrive tomatoes, apologize trees, and also more.

If you discover a ar to cook, fishing is another plentiful resource of free food in the Sims' world.

As you have the right to see, starvation is not a threat in The Sims 3, even for a homeless Sim!

Making Money

This portion assumes that your homeless sim did no go out and get a 9–5 job, not also a part-time project at the bookstore! however there are still plenty of methods of earning money in The Sims 3, and also bringing your center from homeless to affluent is the fun component of this tiny game within the game!

Stealing: As disputed above, the Kleptomaniac characteristics is accessible to her Sim and will ensure some stolen goods autumn into your hands. These items can be kept and used or sold simply like any other item, legitimate or illegitimate, through the inventory. A couple of snatched dare will add up cash quickly.

Fishing: Fish can be consumed if your center knows the recipe, but they can additionally be sold! thrive your Sim's skill in fishing to capture bigger and far better fish for more profit. Sell the fish v your Sim's inventory, quick and easy.

Gardening/Picking: as well as planting, growing, and harvesting your very own produce, which have the right to then be sold for profit, your sim can likewise sell the produce they pick up from around town. Store an eye out for full apple and lemon trees, or puffy mushrooms.

Catching: No, no fish. Bugs! offer through your Sim's inventory. Scan the ground for crawling and buzzing insects.

Gems, Rocks, and also Metals: hunting for all sorts of little goodies throughout her Sim's world and sell, sell, sell rather of keeping as a collection.

Guitar: First, you have to obtain good, yet by level 5 the the etc playing ability in The Sims 3, your homeless Sim can play because that tips. That course, girlfriend do need to be able to buy a etc first.

Painting: favor the guitar, you'll have to have a little money first. You'll require an easel, ~ all. However every time your center finishes a painting, they deserve to sell it, and also as the talent grows, therefore does the money!

So there you have it! prefer with the other aspects of life in all The Sims games, this an approach of play a "homeless Sim" is a cartoonish interpretation. When homelessness in genuine life is a destructive suffering, and it is vital not come forget that, you can enjoy a change of pace and also a potential difficulty by creating a script for her Sims 3 center that is influenced by a combination of genuine struggles and a desire come live off the land, roaming freely.

Have fun!


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What around bills? additionally if u use the cheat buydebug and also go into miscellaneous, u can uncover a bed perfect for a homeless person! Anyone still play the sims 3?

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