We have actually received a many requests come share Shroud Blackout settings. We are taking our information from ProSettings.net that have already done the hard work that collecting every the information.

The call of Duty: black Ops 4 Blackout Beta is over and also one person has already showcased that does it best. Of course it’s Shroud. That is the biggest PUBG Twitch streamer and also he has shown a many interest in Blackout as result of the similarities between both games. He is a former CS:GO pro that has a ton of success under his belt. Prior to switching to full-time streaming in 2017 he was already one of, if no the most watched CS:GO streamer. Shroud has currently shown that he wants to cement his #1 spot transparent the Beta. The only human being rivaling his spot was Ninja.

Shroud’s sensitivity settings are comparable to the persons he offers in PUBG. This in enhancement to his incredibly high video game sense in battle Royale games made that able to dominate right off the bat.

Shroud Blackout Settings:

1. Mouse Settings

DPI: 400Mouse Sensitivity: 9.80Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00ADS mouse Sensitivity: RelativeADS Horizontal Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00ADS vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00Monitor street Coefficient: 1.33Invert upright Look: DefaultMouse Acceleration: 0.00Mouse Filtering: 0

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Shroud Blackout Sensitivity Settings

2. Basic Settings

Field of View: 113ADS field of View: AffectedAutomatic Weapon Switch: OnWeapon cycle Delay: 250


Shroud Blackout Settings

Shroud Blackout Video/Graphics Settings:

1. Display

Display Mode: FullscreenMonitor: 1Refresh Rate: 239.760hzDisplay Resolution: 1920×1080Render Resolution: 100Aspect Ratio: AutomaticVertical Sync: OffFramerate Limit: CustomCustom Framerate Limit: 250Menu practice Framerate Limit: 250HDR: OffDisplay Gamma: computer (sRGB)Display Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


Shroud Blackout video Settings

2. Details & Textures

Texture Quality: really HighSpecial impacts Quality: HighTexture Filtering Quality: HighModel Quality: HighScreen an are Reflection: OnSmall thing Culling: High


Shroud Blackout video Settings

3. Zero & Lighting

Special effects Shadows: OnShadow Quality: very HighDynamic Shadows: AllWeapon Shadow: On


Shroud Blackout video clip Settings

4. Post Processing Effects

Anti-Aliasing Quality: MediumAmbient Occlusion Quality: HighMotion Blur: OffMotion Blur Quality: DisabledSubsurface Scattering: OnOrder elevation Transparency: Medium

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Shroud Blackout video clip Settings

Shroud Blackout Keybinds:

Reload: RNext Weapon: Mousewheel UpPrevious Weapon: Mousewheel DownSwitch to major Weapon: 1Switch to secondary Weapon: 2

Equipment: EHealth Kit: X / mouse 4Special Ability: QInteract: FJump/Stand/Mantle: SpaceChange Stance/Slide: CCrouch (Hold): L-CtrlProne (Toggle): ZSteady Aim/Sprint (One Way): L-ShiftMelee/Zoom: CapsLockAuto Run: HPick up Attachements: ?Map (Toggle): ?Inventory (Hold): ?

Shroud Equipment:

Mouse: Logitech G303Mousepad: HyperX rage S ProMonitor: BenQ XL2540Keyboard: HyperX Alloy EliteHeadphones: HyperX Cloud Flight