This is the trickiest trophy in the game. An initial of all begin by detect an Olog captain that has the "Gang of Olog"s" trait. You"ll likely need to interrogate some worms in bespeak to find one and also once you carry out I introduce backing increase your save so friend can shot again.Track down this captain and also reduce his wellness until the is almost non existent, mountain a adjacent Olog either by shoot it in the head to shock it, or wait to respond to with to frozen it if you have actually the ice Storm ability which I found much more reliable, mountain the Olog utilizing and also then push to attack in the captains direction to death it. Ologs carry out very little damage therefore this may take a couple of tries to traction of.There is another an approach courtesy of swotam i beg your pardon you may find much more reliable.Quote by swotam:Make sure you space using the ability that permits you come freeze opponents when girlfriend hit .

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Assign an Olog as your bodyguard.Find a Captain in a relatively isolated area, or attract him to a fairly isolated area (the bottom that the rapid travel towers is generally a great spot).Kill any adds that could have come with the Captain.Beat top top the Captain until his health is nearly gone. Hopefully you acquire a Captain who doesn"t chase you approximately much.Move a reasonable street away from the Captain and also summon her bodyguard. Don"t let the bodyguard strike the Captain.Attack your bodyguard until he gets pissed off and also turns on you.Allow him to attack you till you are motivated to press . Stun them and also then mount v .Shank the Olog with if running into the practically dead Captain through your Olog.Cross your fingers that you kill the Captain.If not, repeat until you succeed. Because you aren"t attacking your Olog much you have the right to stun them number of times before you must worry around them dying.

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Here is an additional excellent technique from F8L Fool the is practically sure to work, however does require a bit of setup and also some luck.Quote by F8L Fool:Trolling- very easy means to assure this works v the minimum number of attempts is to get an Olog bodyguard that has a poison, flame, or curse weapon. If you are having bad luck with finding one you have the right to use a cultivate order come do simply that. Next locate a bodyguard or enemy captain that is mortally weak to that element.From there do the same measures that Swotam lists but I imply shooting your Olog target in the head quite than wait for the circle prompt. That way you have the right to be an extremely near the weakened captain and also instantly mount it, permitting for the maximum variety of swings prior to being forcibly dismounted.Since it is a Captain you don"t must worry around it dice from repeated arrowhead shots, but if you"re attempting this on consistent Olog"s climate circle is safest, otherwise you operation the risk of death the continual Olog outright.