No one place favorites set together prefer Sephora. Castle are among my favorite things to buy, because I love sampling a lot of items that I obtain an incredible deal on. This is the an initial year because I began shopping in ~ Sephora the there is no provide Me an ext Lip Set. The large set lip lovers gain this year is give Me part Lip & Liner. It has actually 14 lip products, so it is best on par with past sets (they usually have actually 15-16). There are four full-size products in the set and as usual the value of the full-size items exceeds the price of the set. If you’re interested in the full-size items, this collection is definitely a deal.

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The Sephora Favorites provide Me part Lip & Liner retails because that $60. With 14 pieces, every item cost $4.29.

All that the ingredients are listed on the earlier of the set.

As through all Sephora favorites sets, whatever fits snugly in that place. That makes it difficult for items to come damaged.

I laid the assets in alphabetical order. This shot always shows exactly how well things come packaged. The assets easily right in about 2/3 of the box.

The swatches indigenous left to best alphabetical: Benefit, Buxom, Ciate, recognize Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, make up For Ever, Marc Jacobs, NARS, Smashbox, Stila, tarte, The Estee Edit, as well Faced, Yves Saint Laurent. Once I wear each lipstick, ns will additionally edit in a photo of me put on it and my main review the the product.

There are: 5 members that the pink family (Benefit, Laura Mercier, Marc Jacobs, too Faced, and Yves Saint Laurent), 3 members that the wine/berry family members (Buxom, Ciate, and tarte), one member of the clear/white household (Know Cosmetics), 4 members of the red family (Make Up for Ever, NARS, Smashbox, and Stila), and also one member of the black household (The Estee Edit).

My lips are light pink and also not an extremely pigmented in ~ all. Lipsticks will certainly look brighter and slightly an ext pink-tinted on me than they look at on someone through darker lips and/or a much less pink complexion. This is a snapshot with nothing on mine lips because that comparison.

The 0.02oz benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! twin the lip in Fuchsia Fever is worth $10. This is a brand-new release, so i may readjust the worth on this later. Because that now, ns am using a Sephora collection where there are 4 the these listed with a $40 value. If an ext of these gain released or if they relax a single, ns will use that pricing.

This fuchsia shade looks an ext like a glowing pink to me, yet I will watch what color it looks once I undertake it.

Buxom phone call this a rich wine, and also it walk look that way in particular light. In other light, that looks much more mauve.

The 0.06oz Ciaté London liquid Velvet in VooDoo is worth $5.18.

Ciaté call this a black cherry, and also it definitely looks that way. I’d also describe this together a deep wine.

Getting an also application with this lipstick is tricky. It goes on patchy and also takes many coats to cover every spot on the lips, however it remains in place decently once set (unlike the dark shade from critical year’s set). This formula is no the most comfortable and almost feels waxy top top the lips. That does no feel overly dry though, therefore I have the right to wear this v nothing top top top. Those without dry lips favor mine could even uncover it comfortable. Together it fades around the components of the lips the are more wet, that does get patchy again. The great news is that takes countless hours prior to it starts come fade, and there is very small transfer once eating. Ns think this highlights lip lines much less than many liquid lipsticks, and it does no accentuate dry patches.

The 0.01oz understand Cosmetics No Bleeding Lips™ secret Lip Liner is full-size. The retails because that $15.

The white lipliner that goes on greatly clear. I mainly resort come white lip liners as soon as I only want to heat my lips. Lately, the happens a tiny often. Once I likewise want to to fill them in, I prevent white. White lip liners go with any type of color, so that is feasible to just own a solitary color that works with any kind of lipstick. This lined my lips once I wore the Ciaté London fluid Velvet in VooDoo above. It stayed in place and prevented the lipstick indigenous bleeding together promised. That was a fluid lipstick though, so I will test this again v a classic lipstick the moves around a small more. For this reason far, ns think this is a an excellent lipliner. As soon as I stay this again, I will upload a picture of just the lipliner prior to I add lipstick.

The 0.05oz Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Naked is full-size. That retails for $24.

This have to look naked ~ above the lips, so it would be best for those through a comparable lip shade or those needing a lip liner to pair through nude lipstick. The is an extremely close to my lip color, for this reason I can use this with almost any lipstick.

The 0.04oz consist of For Ever Artist Rouge in M-401 MAT warm Red by Icona Pop is precious $4.33. This is a restricted edition shade.

Hot red is the perfect way to define this. That is a tiny brighter than the average red.

The 0.035oz Marc Jacobs beauty beauty Enamored hi Shine Lip Lacquer in nice Thing is worth $6.13.

Marc Jacobs call this a muted rose, which is rather accurate. There is a touch of peach in this pink.

The 0.06oz NARS Cosmetics Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella is worth $18.14. This was one of the shades from the Sephora 2015 birthday Gift.

NARS call this a scarlet red, and also I think that description is right-on.

This lip pencil has an amazing formula that is really moisturizing. Pigmentation build quickly and lasts a lengthy time. I find the pencils straightforward to work with, because the tip is thin. It absolutely makes it much easier to shade in the lines.

The 0.009oz Smashbox constantly Sharp Lip Liner in Crimson is full-size. That retails for $21.

Smashbox calls this a true blue-red. It certainly looks choose a cooler red, so i agree.

The 0.05oz Stila Cosmetics continue to be All Day liquid Lipstick in Beso is worth $12.

Stila call this a true red, yet it wears really warm top top me. I watch a lot of orange. It has actually been a while because I wore this, so I execute not have a picture. Once I wear the again, i will add a snapshot and the review.

The 0.001oz tarte tarteist™ Lip Crayon in the atmosphere Ring is precious $1.80.

Tarte phone call this a berry shade, and also I execute see some berry in it. I’d contact this a fuchsia berry.

The 0.12oz The Estée edit Lip Flip shade Transformer in 02 turn Down is full-size. It retails because that $22.

The Estee edit calls this a black color to deepen shades. While it is pigmented enough on its own, it is meant to go over various other shades to make them look darker.

The 0.08oz Too challenged Cosmetics Melted Matte Liquified long Wear Matte Lipstick in market Out is precious $5.20.

Too challenged calls this a soft matte pinky-brown. There is certainly a brown tone, however this is pink. I would not call it pinky-brown.

The 0.035oz Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in N° 70 Le Nu is precious $9.96. This is a minimal edition the shade from the Star Clash line.

Yves Saint Laurent walk not explain the color, but I would speak to this a satin nude-pink.

This set is precious $164.74, i m sorry is end $20 under the $185 Sephora estimate. Sephora was just off mine a penny v the collection last year, so I have no clue what happened with this one. My an individual value is $134.60, because I am not going to store the two I currently own. The full-size items space worth $82, for this reason the collection is precious it if you want at the very least 3 of the 4. Every items pulled your $4.29 per item weight, other than that tarte liner, also though the make up For ever before only go $0.04 over that. I’d to speak the collection is a great deal, due to the fact that I will certainly happily try the 12 brand-new items to mine collection. Even if I have a couple of misses along the way, I need to still be optimistic on my investment. At very first glance, I do think critical year’s collection was better. The does not protect against me from yes, really wanting this one though.

I provided the promo code VIBPEPSTART for a 4-piece Clinique gift, including: a 1oz Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, a 0.24oz Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer, 2 Pep-Start Cleansing Swipes Pop-Ups, and also a 0.03oz Pep-Start Eye Cream. This password is obtainable to every VIB and also Rouge clients v a $35 purchase. The eye cream is no pictured in the advertisement for this promo, however it go arrive as promised.

The 3 complimentary samples ns selected were: 0.01oz of Urban degeneration Eyeshadow inside wall Potions in: Anti-Aging, young Sin, Eden, and also Original, a Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask, and also an Anthony No Sweat body Defense. All of my samples got substituted. I got a 0.23oz IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Shampoo, a 0.23oz IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Conditioner, a 0.07oz Perricone MD Re-Firm surface Recovery Treatment, and a 0.1oz Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment. Receiving the Reverie is funny, because I ordered that multiple time before. It never arrived, nor was it ever substituted. I lastly remembered to ask for a sample in keep the day before the stimulate arrived, so i went native 0 come 2.

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