Kik is an immediate messenger mobile application that uses lots of different features, including the capacity to send and receive video. You can pick to send a video that you already have top top your device or even develop a brand-new one within the chat window.

The ability to send videos come friends on her contacts perform only enhances your capability to express yourself, but there are rather a few different points that friend will must know about this certain feature.

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What to save in mind when sending videos

The first thing that you will have to keep in psychic is that sending videos is excellent differently depending upon the an equipment you space on. If you are on one Android phone, friend will first want to open up up the application.

Go come the chats section and open the chat of the person you want to send a video clip to. Insanity the “+” symbol situated to the left of where you form your message.

You will currently see a number of different alternatives appear prior to you. Girlfriend will check out an option to send a video that is already one your phone, or document one with your camera within the chat. Tap top top the chat bubble located in the appropriate bottom corner of the screen. The video will now be sent out to your friend.

It is vital to save in mind that Kik just allows specific length videos to it is in sent, for this reason you will certainly not be able to send a video that is an hour long. If you desire to send a an extremely long video, you are going to need to edit it down prior to trying to send that to your friend on this app.

From the “edit video” screen, every you should do is traction the yellow bars till you have effectively edited the video. If you want to produce a short video clip to send someone, you will need to tap ~ above the small camera icon.

The camera application on your phone will certainly open, enabling you to record a new clip. Push the button and hold down on it because that the entire length the the video. As soon as you take your finger off the button, it will avoid recording.

If you’re sending out Videos top top Kik via iphone phone or iPad


The most usual reason that civilization have troubles sending videos v Kik is since the video clip they room attempting to send is also long.

You will simply need to spend a little bit that time editing the video clip to your liking prior to sending it. If you effort to send a video clip that is too long, the human will just see part of the video (as lot as Kik will enable for a solitary video.) when it deserve to be somewhat of a ache to edit your longer videos, that is necessary.

You will have the ability to create and send your very own videos in ~ the app, but once again you will certainly be limited with regards to how long her videos deserve to be. At a particular point the video recording will reduced off as soon as the maximum length is reached as soon as you document within the app.

This is a yes, really convenient feature for those that know specifically what they desire to record and send come a friend on this app. The user interface for recording video within Kik is pretty an easy and straightforward, so girlfriend shouldn’t have actually much that an worry with it in ~ all.

Many people agree the the gallery sharing method is a lot much better and an ext convenient overall, however it all comes under to a issue of personal preference. Sharing directly from the app tends to take users a bit an ext time to setup and share.

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Either means you will successfully be able to send videos to other users, yet it’s very recommended that you discover both techniques of sharing videos before deciding which one you want to use. Sharing videos via Kik within the application can be a vast convenience, and also it won’t take it you really long at every to learn exactly how to perform it no matter which an approach you choose.