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"Sector Is Clear" is a expression from the main trailer because that the 2017 video clip game Star Wars: Battlefront II. The phrase acquired popularity online, specifically in YouTube remixes and memes on YouTube and the /r/PrequelMemes subreddit.


On June 10th, 2017, during Electronic Arts" E3 push conference, a brand-new trailer because that the game Star Wars: Battlefront II premiered (shown below). The trailer features animated and gameplay clip of characters from the Star Wars prequel movies engaging in military combat. In ~ the 0:41 mark, a formation of Clone Troopers patrol the area. One trooper reports the the "sector is clear." Suddenly, the double-bladed lightsaber that Darth Maul flies through the squadron and also the exact same trooper yells that the ar is "not clear" twice.

Within 3 days of being uploaded to YouTube, the trailer has actually received much more than 6.3 million views.


On Reddit, Redditor R_MA posted the trailer in the /r/StarWarsBattleFront subreddit, where it received an ext than 4,700 point out (88% upvoted) and 840 comments in 2 days.<1> complying with the showcase, the scene became a joke within the YouTube comment section of the video.

Shortly ~ the trailer appeared online, YouTuber Spyro uploaded a video clip that diverted (shown below) the "sector is clean moment" come YouTube, whereby it received an ext than 8,400 views in 3 days. They also posted it to the /r/Gaming<2> subreddit.

That day, YouTube Revolver Ocelot uploaded a remix that changed Darth Maul"s lightsaber through fidget crackhead (shown below, left). ~ above June 11th, YouTuber Joydurn Yup post a clip indigenous Star Wars: illustration III -- Revenge the the Sith (shown below, right), once a Youngling kills numerous Clone Troopers, replacing the audio with the "sector is clear" dialogue.

That day, the /r/Gaming subreddit, Redditor Drew-P_Weiner<3> posted photo of Darth Maul from the trailer in the thread "Guys that dress choose this have actually a 125% chance of making sure your ar isn"t clear." The write-up received more than 3,700 clues (93% upvoted) and also 50 comments.

That day, Redditor jakethemartin<4> posted an image macro of the moment to the /r/PrequelMemes subreddit. The photo (shown below) features an image of a Clone Trooper extending his head v the subtitled "sector not clear." above the picture is the inscription "Mom: no much more prequel memes, am i clear? Me:" The picture received an ext than 1,600 clues (99% upvoted) in 2 days.

On the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit, Redditors have made at the very least three different threads concerning the viability of ar Is clean memes.

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Over the following several days, the meme worked out into a specific, three-panel format. The first panel features the "sector is clear" image of the Clone Troopers patrolling, the 2nd image would represent the threat, and also the third would it is in the "not clear" image of Clone Troopers in disarray (examples below).