In 1857 the can be fried Court ruled in the Dred Scott decision thatA) enslavement was inconsistent through the constitution and must it is in abolished. B) defense of slavery was guaranteed in every the territories of the WestC)Slavery would certainly e constitutional just in those areas in which that is already abolished.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe"s novel, Uncle Tom"s CabinA) to be intended to show the cruelty that slaveryB) was triggered by i of the Kansas-Nebraska ActC) made up the recollections that a long-time personal witness come the malice of slavery
Uncle Tom"s Cabin might be described asA) A firsthand account the slaveryB) a success just in the unified StatesC) a romanticized account of slaveryD) having little effect top top the begin of the polite War
As a an outcome of reading Uncle TOm"s Cabin, numerous northerners A) discovered the book"s portrayal of slavery too extremeB) vowe to halt the British and also French initiatives to aid the COnfederacyC) garbage Hinton Helper"s snapshot of teh South and also slaveryD) would have actually nothing to do with the enforcement of the fugitive slave law
Hinton R. Helper"s book, The impending crisis of the South, says that those who suffered many from slave labor wereA) afri AmericansB) southern PlantersD) west FarmersE) Non-slaveholding southern whites
In "Bleeding Kansas" in the mid-1850s, ______________ was/were determined with the proslavery element, and also _____________ was/were connected with the antislavery free-soilers. C) the Pottawatomie massacre; the bag of LawrenceD) the Lecompton Constitution; the new England Immigrant aid SocietyE) Stephen A. Douglas; wilhelm Sumner
In 1856, the breaking allude over enslavement in Kansas come withA) the arrival of man Brown. B) an assault on Lawrence by a corridor of proslavery raidersC) the influx of a huge number the slaves
President James Buchanan"s decision on Kansas"s Lecompton ConstitutionA) Hopelessly divided the autonomous PartyB) Admitted Kansas come the Union together a totally free stateC) admitted Kansas come the Union together a slave state
The Lecompton structure was created so that KansasC) would permit temporary residents like the abolitionists and border ruffians come voteD) would allow slavery however prohibit the slave tradeE) can only use for statehood by allow slavery
The instance in Kansas in the mid-1850s shown the impracticality that __________ in the territoriesA) AbolitionismB) complimentary soilC) famous Soverignity
The clash in between Preston S. Brooks and also Charles Sumner revealedC) despite division over slavery, the residence of Representatives would unit come expel a member for negative conductD) Passions over slavery were coming to be dangerously inflamed in both North and also SouthE) the divisions in between the House and also the Senate over slavery
James Buchanan winner the autonomous nomination because that the presidency in 1856 since he C) managed the crucial swing state of PennsylvaniaD) had comprehensive administrative and foreign plan experienceE) could distance himself and also the democracy from the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Match every Figure below with his duty in the 1856 presidential campaignA. Man C. FremontB. Millard FillmoreC. Stephen A. DouglasD. James Bucahnan1. Democratic nominee2. Republican nominee3. Know-Nothing nominee4. Also tainted by the Kansas- Nebraska act to obtain Democratic nomination
The central play that the Know-Nothing party in the 1856 choice wasC) ProslaveryD) AbolitionismE) Nativism
Nativists in the 1850s were recognized for theirC) opposition to old-stock ProtestantsD) anti-catholic and antiforeign attitudesE) opposition to alcohol and also Sabbath- breaking
In the presidential choice of 1856, the RepublicansA) revealed astonishing stamin for a brand-new partyB) lost behind your most famous leader, Senator wilhelm SewardC) made your debut together the many successful 3rd party in American history
The scare of 1857 result inC) Price supports for farmersD) Calls because that restriction on land and also stock speculationE) clamor because that a greater tariff
The scare of 1857A) was resulted in by overexportation of southerly cottonB) fight hardest amoung serial growers of the NorthwestC) Finally lugged southern congressmen come support cost-free homesteads
The Political career of Abraham Lincoln could finest be explained asC) fueled by his an individual charisma more than his politics beliefs. D) mostly a failure until his meteoric increase after 1854E) based on his success in the U.S. House and Senate
As a an outcome of the Lincoln-Douglas debatesA) Lincoln was chosen to the SenateB) Lincoln"s nationwide stature to be diminishedC) Douglas raised his possibilities of winning the presidencyD) Illinois garbage the concept of popular sovereigntyE) Douglas defeated Lincoln for the Sentate
Stephen A. Douglas argued, in his Freeport Doctrine, during the Lincoln-Douglas arguments thatA) the Dred Scott decision to be unconstitutionalB) slavery need to stay down if the people voted the downC) no matter what the world wanted, the supreme Court to be law
In his raid ~ above Harpers Ferry, man Brown intended toA) call upon the servants to rise and establish a black free slateB) arouse the southern to secede indigenous the UnionC) stir West Virginia come break away from Virginia together a free stateD) demonstrate that blacks can fight for their freedomE) Seize weapons to begin a guerrilla was against the federal government
After john Brown"s raid ~ above Harper"s Ferry, the southern concluded thatC) Brown need to be put in an insane asylumD) Brown had been attempting to defend his appropriate to very own slavesE) the north was dominated by "Brown Loving" Republicans
Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 Republican party presidential nomination in component because heA) had actually been a strong supporter of william SewardB) had actually never taken a was standing on the issue of enslavement in the territoriesC) had made fewer enemies than front-runner wilhelm Seward
The Republicans shed the 1856 election in part because ofA) southerly threats the a Republican win would be a explanation of warB) Lingering support for slavery in the NorthC) northern bullyism
The real definition of the election of 1856 was the itA) verified that the democrats still remained the majority party in the countryB) prove the prestige of charismatic management in the presidencyC) foreshadowed an ominous sectional clash over slavery in the choice of 1860
As late together 1856, countless northerners were still willing o vote democratic instead of Republican due to the fact that A) of inmate LiberalismB) the democrats presented wonderful candidatesC) many did not desire to lose their profitable business relations with the South
In ruling on the Dred Scott case, the United states Supreme CourtC) basically upheld the doctrine of renowned sovereigntyD) do the efforts to settle the immediate problem on technological legal groundsE) said that Congress can not prohibit enslavement in the federal territories
The decision calculation in the Dred Scott instance was applauded byC) renowned sovereignty proponentsD) proslavery southernersE) conservative unionists
Arrange these events in Chronological order: (A) Dred Scott decision (B) Lincoln Douglas debates (C) Kansas Nebraska plot (D) Harpers Ferry raidA) A,C,B,DB) B,D,C,AC) C,A,B,DD) D,B,A,CE) A,C,D,B
For a majority of northerner, the most outrageous part of theSupreme Court"s ruling in the Dred Scott situation was thatA) together a slave, Scott had actually no appropriate to sue in commonwealth courtB) Scott go not immediately become free when his owner took him through complimentary states and also territoriesC) Congress had never had the power to prohibit slavery in any territory
As a an outcome of the panic of 1857, the southA) Became more economically dependent on the NorthB) came to be hostile to wall Street and the share marketC) thought that the was financially superior come the North
Match the candidate v his party"s platformA. Abraham LincolnB. Stephen DouglasC. Man BrekenridgeD. John Bell1. Prolong slavery into the territories2. Ban slavery type teh territories3. Keep the Union through compromise4. Enforce well-known sovereigntyA) A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4B) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3C)-A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1
The presidential candidate that the brand-new Constitutional Union party in 1860 wasA) Stephen A. DouglasB) william SewardC) man Bell
In the choice of 1860, the constitutional Union Party was formedA) to present support for the Constitution and also the decisions made by the United says Supreme CourtB) as a middle-of-the-road party fearing for the rest up the the UnionC) to aid catapult the county right into a polite War
President James Buchanan decreased to use pressure to save the south in the Union for all of the complying with reason except thatA) north public opinion would certainly not assistance itB) the army was needed to control Indians in the WestC) he believed that the Constitution permitted secession
Abraham Lincoln protest dthe Crittenden compromise becauseB) it permitted slavery in the Utah territoryC) its fostering might provoke Kentucky to leave the UnionD) he felt bound by president Buchanan"s previously rejection of itE) he had actually been elected on a platform that opposed the expansion of slavery
Secessionists sustained leaving the Union for every one of the following reason exceptC) the political balance seemed to it is in tipping against themD) they were exhausted of abolitionist attacksE) they believed that republicans had actually been infiltrating your political ranks
In declaring their independence, the Confederate claims relied greatly on the instance of the A) nullification dilemm in southern CarolinaB) rule of self-determination that the statements of IndependenceC) Texas statements of independence from Mexico



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