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Greyhound is the largest nationwide bus carrier in the unified States, providing cheap, safe and reliable service throughout the country. Greyhound has become a family name, serving over 16 million passengers every year with everyday trips to end 2,400 destinations. Greyhound performs around 6 bus trips from Seattle to mountain Francisco every day, through the average journey taking about 26 hours and also 3 minutes to complete. Bus tickets because that Greyhound trips to san Francisco usually start from $86.

The drive from Seattle to san Francisco covers 807 miles with the southern fifty percent of Washington, Oregon, and also the northern half of California. A bus trip between Seattle and San Francisco takes about 21 hours.
The best method to take trip from Seattle to san Francisco counts on her budget and also schedule. If price is your main concern, the best method to take trip from Seattle to san Francisco is through bus. Bus ticket can quickly be found for $86, but a train trip (which takes just as long as the bus) might cost $111, also if booked a month front of your trip.
San Francisco is comprised of a number of great neighborhoods, all through their own draws because that visitors. Union Square is a great main location and puts girlfriend in walking street of some great shopping options, nightlife, museums and Oracle Park. It’s additionally easy to catch public transport from Union Square to various other San Francisco neighborhoods, choose Nob Hill and Chinatown. Union Square also offers many hotels at a range of prices, for this reason it’s a well-known spot v first-time visitors. Fisherman’s powhatan is an additional popular ar for tourists, particularly those through families. The area boasts the naval Museum, madame Tussauds, and more — including tours to adjacent Alcatraz Island. Various other popular communities include north Beach, additionally known together the small Italy of mountain Francisco; nobility Hill because that a feeling of deluxe dating earlier to the gold Rush–era (although this luxury often comes through a higher hotel cost); The Mission, which regularly has better weather 보다 the remainder of mountain Francisco and has a solid Latino arts scene and some reasonably priced hotels; and Haight-Ashbury, the birthplace the hippie culture in the 1960s and also home come an enduring cool, alternate vibe.
Our bus partners have implemented several different policies to store you safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Native limiting car capacity to improving cleaning protocols and upgrading waiting filters, bus carriers are committed to keeping a safe environment. For details on what each firm is doing to ensure their fleet stays safe because that travel, click here.

In addition, federal law requires every bus passengers to wear a face covering because that the whole duration that the trip. You re welcome make certain you room wearing a face mask or you might not be permitted to plank the bus.

you re welcome visit ours COVID-19 Travel overview for an ext information on every carrier policies and also the latest take trip advisories authorize by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and European country.

The bus bring away an mean of 26 hours and 3 minute to cover the 679 mile from Seattle to san Francisco. However, the more quickly bus just takes 23 hours and also 35 minutes. It’s definitely on the much longer side, so setup to acquire comfortable for a long road trip. Save in mind the your actual bus might arrive earlier or later than scheduled, relying on whether over there is more or less traffic than usual.

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What is the busiest day of the main to travel by bus?

Saturday is normally the day as soon as buses room busiest, as many travelers take it the bus to gain the weekend in mountain Francisco. If you space planning to travel on a Saturday, you must make sure to publication tickets fine in advance as they may sell out.

~ above the various other hand, Tuesday is frequently the least busy day because that bus travel on this route. If you’re trying to find a little extra space, a Tuesday ticket is the method to go.

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When do the earliest and also latest buses leave Seattle?

The very first bus leaves at 9:00am and also the critical bus leaves at 12:00pm. To see the times for every buses from Seattle to san Francisco, get in your specific travel dates in the find bar.

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How numerous buses are there each day?

There space 6 scheduled buses that travel from Seattle to mountain Francisco every day, so you have actually a decent number of options to pick from. Unfortunately, none are straight connections, therefore no matter which bus girlfriend take, friend will have to transfer buses at the very least once throughout your journey.

Need more travel options? consider taking the train native Seattle to san Francisco; ticket prices begin at $91.00.