mine Acer laptop running windows 10 has a very annoying feature: as soon as running top top battery, the LCD backlight dims slowly when displaying a dark screen and brightens progressively when displaying irradiate screen.

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This is specifically annoying when switching between my principle (which is dark and pleasant to the eyes) and a webpage.

I"ve established that this is happening only on battery, and also no issue the display brightness, it happens unless I plug the in. I"ve confirm if there"s some setup in the home windows power settings, yet nothing popped the end at me (my laptop for instance doesn"t have adaptive display screen brightness).

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asked may 13 "16 in ~ 20:18

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An obscure forum write-up pointed me in the right direction:

Search windows for "Intel" choose "Intel HD Graphics regulate Panel" Click the "Power" square switch Click "On Battery" tab Disable "Display Power conserving Technology" (I view it as the last option)

Here"s the choice in Intel"s HD Graphics regulate Panel:


Save your eyes and turn turn off "Display Power saving Technology".

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answered may 13 "16 in ~ 20:18

Paul LammertsmaPaul Lammertsma
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Such annoying attribute in Philips BDM4065 monitor was caused by that "SmartContrast" setting turned on. Turning it off solved the difficulty completely.

(This is no an advice for integrated laptop screens, yet plenty of world looks below and part of lock searches because that the info pertaining come attached monitors.)

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For anyone who doesn"t have actually the strength Saving modern technology option in Intel Graphics regulate Panel (I only had actually a dashboard Self-Refresh Enable/Disable option) monitor the instructions in the first answer, from AMART53, in this forum, https://forums.intel.com/s/question/0D50P0000490XXpSAM/disable-intel-display-power-saving-technology-in-plugged-in-mode?language=en_US.

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I have replicated the answer below.


"launch regedit

go come :

(for me it was 0001 in ~ the end. Complete path was ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlClass4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318001)

find the worth FeatureTestControl

Open the calculator in programmor mode, go in HEX and write the worth written, look in ~ the binary, it offer you because that example:

HEX : c200

BIN : 110000100000000

change the 5th bit native the end to 1:


Put in ~ above calculator in programming mode/BIN and also get the HEX value

BIN : 1100001000010000

HEX : c210

modify the register with regedit and also put the brand-new HEX value in FeatureTestControl