The Wheel the Fate also known together the rotate wheelis a attribute in tongue & spirit which allows you to getextra loot. Girlfriend will uncover yourself making use of thisregularly duringthe totality game. There space multiple wheel of fatethroughout the blade & soul universe & to use them you will require an orb favor essence.

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The essences you need depend ~ above the region you space in. Up until level 45, for the many part, you can gain these essences by merely killing theworld bossespresent in the surrounding areas (There are also a few wheels the require‘valor stones’to usage butiwill discuss this later in thearticle). After level 45 you may discover a couple of wheels that take various other items as ‘currency’which enables you to use them.

Well, it\"s RNG, therefore while most people will gain the average, the statistics outliers will acquire cursed by not gaining what they want ever. Possibly the wheel should have a \"failsafe\" device that, ~ a variety of spins not getting the outfit pieces, you are guaranteed to gain them? because that example: every 15 make the efforts you space guaranteed to get the hat. After 15 more you get the eyewear. After one more 15 you gain the outfit. That method you keep the RNG while providing an anti-frustration measure.Though the point that ns find an ext irking around them is the the Soul-Shield packs don\"t sell for as much as the individual shields put together. The ones in the Jiangshi Stalker wheel give you 1 copper no matter if they offer you 3, 5 or 8 pieces. And also each piece individually sells for 1 copper, too. That\"s a little odd. You have to spend a the majority of time confirmating that, yes, you want to salvage/sell those shields. QoL might use an update there.

In general you have the right to expect the same form of prey from many wheels the fate and also they include: A 3/5 or 8 piece soul shield set, a dobok or a equivalent hat & adornment to go v the dobok.

Edit: having actually played tongue & spirit NA – Alpha, friend can also obtain accessories such as earring from part wheels the fate.

We have put with each other alist that essences that have the right to be supplied with the wheel of fortune follow me with possible loot & the approximated level girlfriend will probably be prior to you with the area where these essencesbecome available.


World ceo Name:Stalker Jiangshi

Location:Dragon forest – fatality Forest – Crematory

Estimated Level: 6

Loot:Jiangshi raiment, Stalker Weapon, 3/5/ 8 piece soul shield collection or garments adornments.


World boss Name:Golden Deva

Location:Scorching Sands

Estimated Level: 28

Loot:Deva raiment, Goldenweapon, 3/5/8 item soul shield set, garments adornments or accessories.


World ceo Name:Pinchy

Location:Scorching Sands

Estimated Level: 30

Loot:Stinger Dobok, Scorpionweapon, 3/5/8 item soul shield set or clothing adornments.


World ceo Name:Lycan the Mighty

Location:Lycandi Foothills

Estimated Level: 37

Loot:Wolfskin Dobok, Lycanweapon, 3/5/8 piece soul shield set or garments adornments.


World ceo Name:King Kaari

Location:Sapphire Basin

Estimated Level: 39

Loot:Kaari suit, Kaariweapon, 3/5/8 piece soul shield set or clothes adornments.

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World ceo Name:Profane Jiangshi

Location:Orchard that Souls

Estimated Level:40+

Loot:Profane shroud, Profaneweapon, 3/5/8 item soul shield collection or clothing adornments.