When you space away from your friends or family and also talking ~ above the phone simply isn’t enough, you have the right to see them confront to challenge using video calls on your Galaxy phone. It has a number of video call services already available, or you can use one of the plenty of other alternatives or apps that space out there. You may not be seeing her loved persons in person, yet it"s the next ideal thing since you"ll have the ability to see them in actual time.

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Information noted applies to tools sold in Canada. Available screens and also settings might vary because that smartphones sold in various other countries. Wi-Fi or data link is compelled for video calls. In details cases, extr data charges might apply.

Depending on her carrier, you may have the choice to begin a video call while friend are currently on the phone. Once you"re making use of the Phone app on your Galaxy phone, just tap the Video call icon to start a call. It"s in in between the add call and Bluetooth icons.


To switch ago to a conventional voice call, tap the Camera icon to shut her device"s camera off. This might vary depending upon your carrier. If you are unable come switch back to a voice contact using the icon, you could have to end the call and also call back.

This role may no be easily accessible on all devices or carriers. Video call is only accessible if both gadgets are top top Android OS.

Google Duo is an app that allows for video clip chat and also it also comes preinstalled on most Galaxy devices! If girlfriend haven’t viewed it on your device, make certain to examine the Google folder ~ above the Apps screen. The setup is easy. Just sign right into your Google account and follow a pair of quick steps.

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Plenty of various other third-party apps have video chat ability too, such together WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and also SnapChat. These are only a couple of of the many choices you have when it pertains to making video calls. Use one of these apps or one that you are already familiar with. There room plenty of other options available on the Galaxy Store and Play Store.


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