In terms of cameras, Samsung’s 2014 CES supplying looks prefer an interesting collection of point-and-shoot cameras. They have just announced five new cameras that expectancy the fields of point-and-shoots, from practically entry-level shooters to a premium long zoom bridge camera that looks like a agree DSLR. Being from Samsung, the course, every of this cameras offers built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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WB2200F Digital Camera

For starters the Samsung WB2200F Digital Camera is a an effective digital camera through a dual-grip form factor prefer a professional DSLR and an tremendous 60x optical zoom lens for a wide focal-length variety that extends indigenous 20-1200mm in 35mm style equivalence. In ~ the wide-angle end, the f/2.8 maximum aperture is specifically effective in low-light situations and capable of shallow depth-of-field focus control. Prolonging to 1200mm, the lens is able to magnify topics in the much distance and, with optical photo stabilization, compensate because that the blur that deserve to be developed by also miniscule camera shake at such lengthy focal lengths.


The WB2200F provides options for the speed at i beg your pardon the zoom operates. Depending on your topic matter and style the shooting, friend can set the lens to zoom through the entire collection of focal distance lengths at double speed or also go straight from 0 come 60x zoom. With such a an effective lens, this innovative zoom activity will enable you to gain the shot friend want prior to it’s unable to do forever.

Housing a 16.3MP 1/2.3”BSI CMOS sensor, the WB2200F create high-resolution photos with spicy details in both stills and video. Low-light imaging is effective with an ISO variety that get 6400 and also with the previously mentioned optical image stabilization. Full HD 1080/30p video clip capture is supported and also on the glowing 3.0” hVGA LCD monitor, playback and also composition the your photos is clear even in bright sunlight. The camera also features an digital viewfinder because that stable, eye-level composition, and HDMI output for direct screening of your movies on an HDTV.

Full hands-on exposure control as well as SMART mode, scene modes, and other assistive attributes mean that no matter your level that expertise, the WB2200F offers the kind of image manage that works best for you. I-Function is a one-touch switch that takes you immediately to hand-operated camera settings, and also with its dual-grip body design, the camera handles fine and enables the usage of a long-life lithium-ion rechargeable battery. A pop-up speed is developed in for including extra light as soon as the ambient irradiate is dim.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a core function in Samsung cameras and the WB2200F supports near Field communication (NFC) connections as well as the new Tag & go feature, which enables your camera and smartphone to connect by simply touching lock together. Through a wireless connection established, you can instantly share pictures from her camera to her smart device, aided by attributes such as photograph Beam and also AutoShare, which instantly backs up all the camera’s images to your smart device. Far Viewfinder allows you usage your smartphone together the camera’s remote control for convenient and stable off-camera shutter release.

WB1100F Digital Camera

Also a powerful long zoom camera, the WB1100F scales down its size and also weight contrasted to the WB2200F and also provides a 35x optical zoom lens through the 35mm focal length equivalence that 25-875mm. Remarkable in its own right, this zoom lens can likewise utilize a speed Control crucial to move through the focal lengths conveniently in bespeak to acquire the magnification you require to record the picture you want, even in Live Panorama mode. Optical photo stabilization and digital image stabilization (Dual IS) combine to regulate blur at long focal lengths and also in low-light situations.


With a 16.2MP CCD photo sensor and ISO sensitivity range to 3200, photos are produced with spicy details and also minimal noise. HD video capture is supported at 720/30p and also at VGA resolution, slow-motion record is possible. A committed one-touch button immediately initiates video clip capture. Photo composition and also playback is detailed by a shining 3.0” hVGA LCD screen and with a large, sturdy grip and ergonomically inserted buttons and also dials—this is a user-friendly, easy-to-control lengthy zoom camera. Also, a integrated pop-up flash adds light when needed.

Like the WB2200F, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC and also Tag & Go technology enable instant photo transfer to compatible smartphones and tablets and also remote camera control, and also both cameras are compatible with SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. The WB1100F is easily accessible in black or red.

WB350F Digital Camera

Compact, stylish, and also efficient are an excellent terms to explain the WB350F Digital Camera. Obtainable in brown, white, blue, or red, the WB350F is the ideal camera to bring with you everywhere and also to climate share the results of her photographic initiatives with the social-media macrocosm.


A 16.3MP 1/2.3" BSI CMOS image sensor enables sharp imaging and also is an especially adept at low-light capture, removed the need use the pop-up flash except in the darkest circumstances. A 21x optical zoom lens with a preferably aperture of f/2.8 at the wide-angle end provides the 35mm focal length equivalence that 23-483mm for comprehensive wide-angle come telephoto coverage. Optical photo stabilization compensates because that camera shower to mitigate blur once shooting in low light or any time lengthy shutter speeds room selected, and also ISO sensitivity reaches 3200, with minimal noise.

The WB350F supports complete HD 1080/30p video clip capture and also slow-motion video clip at reduced resolutions. A 3.0” LCD screen enables clear picture composition and playback and, v touch control, facilitates intuitive navigation through the camera’s settings. The camera enables easy accessibility to dials and buttons and several smart Auto modes that will automatically use the finest settings if you emphasis on the scene at hand. Combined Wi-Fi is featured with the same straightforward connections and applications as the over cameras, and the WB350F offers dual Capture mode and Baby monitor mode. MicroSD, microSDHC, and also microSDXC memory cards space utilized for photo storage and transfer.

WB50F and also WB35F Digital Cameras

The WB50F Digital Camera and WB35F Digital Camera room both incredibly compact cameras designed together entry-level point-and-shoots, however both claim features that have the right to be discovered in much more advanced cameras, consisting of optical photo stabilization and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity v NFC and also Tag & Go.


Both cameras feature a 16.2MP 1/2.3" CCD sensor for high-resolution, color-accurate photos with efficient low-light capabilities and ISO varieties from 80-3200. HD 720/30p video clip is supported and also a 3.0” LCD monitor enables live check out monitoring and image playback. The lens ~ above both is a 12x optical zoom lens v the 35mm focal length equivalence that 24-288mm. Lock have an easy SMART AUTO and SMART mode functions, art filters, and both are compatible v microSD, microSDHC, and also microSDXC storage cards.

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The WB35F has a an ext traditional compact kind factor with sleek lines, integrated flash, straightforward controls, and also it is slightly slimmer and also lighter 보다 the WB50F. The is available in black, purple, or red. The WB50F uses a bouncing soft flash unit that allows softer, more natural-looking illumination and also bright and also crisp light. The flash sits over the lens and works well also at the long finish of the lens’s focal range. Also, the WB50F has a textured exterior, which provides basic grip because that all-sized hands and also gives the camera a distinctive look. It is accessible in black, red, or white.