Getting much more and an ext declines through Samsung pay, says "transaction declined." Card functioning fine once used and also I am picking credit ~ above terminal. Happend in ~ starbucks and discount tire in past 2 days. These space terminals without NFC or apple play as far as I recognize (though they do have the tap to pay credit transaction card symbol). Happening come anyone else?


Yes, i have had actually the very same thing. Supposed to write-up or look at for comparable postings, maintained forgetting, just scanned this prior to closing browser. Yes! A couple declines yet card works fine and also trying the Samsung pay in ~ my following stop works. Frustrating (and embarrassing - Me: "really, this is claimed to work", Them: "no, we don't have actually apple pay here", Me: "grrrrr").

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It appears to me that nfc enabled "tap to pay with eligible credit card" equipments are the problem. Larger swipe only devices I never have a problem with.. I have turned NFC off however I review that opened Samsung pay instantly turns NFC earlier on...

I haven't noticed any problems lately myself.

If they have actually the tap-to-pay symbol, they room most likely NFC enabled. (I know most Starbucks room these days)

I didn't get my map declined, however I have actually notifications on for my bank and also Samsung salary whenever i make a purchase. When I checked out pay at McDonald's today, I acquired the notice from my financial institution but no from Samsung pay until an hour later. Thought it was just server lag or something.

I have. Assumed it could be since I switched phones and had come reactivate my cards or something, yet lately I gain a "not authorized" message. I assumed it was due to the fact that the cashier didn't press credit. It's a hit or miss out on for me lately.

Sometimes it works the second attempt however the whole idea for me was that Samsung pay is just a little bit faster. Now, I save my hand by my wallet just in case.

Edit: pertained to think of it ns did use Samsung salary this morning and also it was fine, I'll try it some much more times tomorrow.

Frys improperly procedures their card existing transactions as card not current transactions - that's why they need the card defense code. The also method that the tokenized card account number offered by Samsung salary won't work-related - they room intentionally limited to card current transactions only. That's part of the greater security detailed by Samsung Pay since most card fraud consists of attackers stealing cardholder data native backend servers at the merchants, and then making use of it because that fraudulent map not existing transactions.

Only time(s) I've been decreased was when it's processing and also the cashier presses something on their end(screen)

I randomly gain asked for pin numbers lately, nothing I kind in ever works. I've tried both the number shown on the phone and also the number i use with the physical card v no success. Ns really want to use it yet it's entirely unreliable.

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I've been getting "Error should input/use card" or something like that. It works once it desires to. The terminal my grocer uses provide me the choice to choose credit or debit.