It"s true that the Samsung equipment S2 is a few years old now, yet if you still love your wearable — or friend don"t desire to spend numerous dollars ~ above an upgrade — you have the right to make your watch feeling brand brand-new without breaking the bank. The price of replacement bands is how amazing low, so you can fully revamp the watch of your smartwatch in ~ a price that"s affordable. We"ve gathered up several of the finest Samsung equipment S2 instead of bands for you to pick from.

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Solid swappable bands: V-Moro Soft Silicone Bands

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If you"re a fan of providing your an innovation a little of an individual flair, V-Moro offers a nice variety of silicone bands in a multitude of hard colors. These are the best Samsung equipment S2 instead of bands if you"re looking for something that"s close to the original however will enhance your an individual style.


Get creative: Linkshare Soft Silicone sport Band

Want to get creative with her Samsung equipment S2 band? These alternatives from Linkshare will certainly do the trick. Pick from various an imaginative design options. Part examples incorporate floral, camouflage, mosaic, and also plaid. It"s unique while still offering a comfy silicone material that"s soft come the touch.


Functional comfort: Koreda Stainless stole Mesh Band

If you want an ultra-lightweight band the won"t sweet you down, you"ll love this stainless stole mesh tape from Koreda. It come in black, silver, climbed gold, and also more. All of these bands sell a sturdy magnetic clasp. This is the best Samsung equipment S2 replacement tape for day-to-day wear that elevates your sense of style.


Dashing durability: V-Moro heavy Stainless Steel metal Band

If you"d choose to store things classic with your equipment S2, friend might take into consideration a an ext traditional band, favor this solid stainless steel alternative from V-Moro. While this watch band is absolutely durable and solid, it"s an ext for looks than anything else. You might want a backup band when it comes time to run that marathon.


Breathe easy: Fintie Soft Nylon Woven Band

Make sure your wrist can breathe easily with this soft nylon woven band from Fintie. The premium products are comfortable yet durable on the wrist. You"ll have maximum breathability, which is best for those v an energetic lifestyle. The stainless stole buckle clasp offers a an easy yet elegant look at that renders it perfect for every occasions.

If you"re aiming for a an ext luxurious look, examine out this premium leather bands indigenous Wollpo. You"ll evaluate the thoughtful architecture that features top-grain cowhide leather and a reinforced bottom layer v matte lining. It"s soft, breathable, and extremely stylish. Choose from two standard colors: black and also brown.

Looking for an ext color alternatives with your ultimate score still being to discover a soft tape that"ll stand by you throughout your day-to-day activities? If so, these NaHai silicone bands were created you. There are six soft pastel color to select from, consisting of sand pink and also ocean blue. The product itself is also quite soft!

When you"re tired of bands with bulky buckles, take into consideration this lightweight and also flexible nylon tape from Watdpro. The material is composed of chop double-layer braided nylon that ensures comfort and also durability. It"s easy to clean and also won"t lose shape ~ washing. The velcro strap guarantee you never have actually to problem about huge buckles again.

Best Samsung gear S2 replacement bands: i beg your pardon is ideal for you?

As friend scroll v and shot to recognize which is the ideal Samsung equipment S2 replacement band for her needs, you"ll desire to think about a couple of key factors. Many importantly, think about your everyday activity above all else. If you"re solely shopping for a tape that can handle your extreme workouts but also serves together a day-to-day band, we"re partial come the V-Moro silicone bands. They"re soft, durable, colorful, and fairly priced.

For excessive comfort that"s likewise functional, we"d introduce you go through the Fintie soft nylon woven band. It supplies the level of strength you need for various species of exercise while additionally feeling nice versus your skin. No to mention, this bands right a wide selection of wrist sizes, therefore it"s simple to achieve that perfect fit the feels good on your wrist.

Any option on this list will certainly serve your Android smartwatch well, and also there"s plenty an ext where that come from. No matter which Samsung gear S2 replacement band you choose, we hope it"s everything you wanted and also more!

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