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Eligibility because that Sweet Pay™: requires an eligible 2-year plan:

Sweet salary is easily accessible with brand-new activations (or eligible upgrades) on default 2-year price plans. Purchase financing listed by Virgin Plus, on approved credit. Expense of get loan is $0.* state.term.monthlywithoutdiscounts per month prior to discountIf you end your company Agreement early or you adjust your setup to a non-eligible plan, girlfriend will have to pay very early exit charge. The beforehand exit charge consists of her remaining an equipment payments, and also the staying balance on your agreement Credit (plus applicable taxes) if you received one at the time of purchase.Good working condition way the phone have to navigate appropriately to its home screen. The key-board and/or touchscreen should be responsive and function properly. The display and body that the phone must be cost-free of any visible chips, crack or missing parts. The battery and battery cover need to be included. Because that an apple iPhone, the "Find My iphone phone Activation Lock" function must it is in turned off and no longer linked to your Apple id (iCloud account). For an Android smartphone, "Activation Lock Protection" (also well-known as "Device Protection") should be rotate off. Good working problem for tools purchased through a Smart/Phone treatment plan means the phone call must be able to turn on, navigate to the house screen and also meet the complying with criteria: because that an apologize iPhone, the "Find My iphone Activation Lock" function must be turned off and also no longer attached to her Apple identifier (iCloud account). For an Android smartphone, "Activation Lock Protection" (also known as "Device Protection") must be rotate off. Member must have Smart/Phone care on their account at the moment of buyback.

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Monthly 911 fees apply in: abdominal (95¢), NB (97¢), NL (75¢), NS (43¢), PEI (70¢), SK ($1.88) and also QC (46¢), and also NT ($1.70). Fees withheld will be remitted come the government. Counting on the sponsor amount room payable through your monthly device payments. Data use over what is had in your arrangement is $13/100MB up to 800MB, $0.15/MB thereafter.