Being file 1.0, there"s just so lot this player deserve to offer, but for those with less cash to spend, this is a great Blu-ray option


As any kind of movie fan knows, sequels are rarely better than the original, yet the follow approximately Samsung’s BD-P1000 is much more The Godfather part II than Superman 3.

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The Samsung BD-P1400’s function list is remarkable to the company’s debut Blu-ray deck, and also is bolstered further by a firmware upgrade which we suggest all buyers carry out as soon as castle can.

Samsung"s grand makeover

Bitstream-out audio support extends come both Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD understand Audio, and standard Dolby and also DTS 5.1. Climate there’s one HDMI calculation with proper 1080p24 assistance – no one of that 1080p to 1080i and earlier again nonsense the hindered the BD- P1000’s photo quality.

The BD- P1400 has additionally been provided a radical makeover, supplanting the angled lines of the P1000 through a gently bent fascia. The an initial player architecture had that fans, yet in mine opinion, this design looks better.

Flip the 180° and also you’re presented through a decent variety of sockets. Acquisition centre stage is the HDMI v1.3 output, i m sorry not just delivers 1080p video (including upscaled DVDs) but also routes the hi-res audio bitstreams.

Couple this player with a brand-new receiver able to decode the audio because that the best feasible performance. Because that those without a suitable AVR, there room 5.1- channel analogue outputs which deliver a conventional DD 5.1 mix together PCM from Dolby TrueHD, or DTS core.

Basic Blu-ray features

This is a typical Profile 1.0 player, which means no BonusView for you, mine friend. There’s one Ethernet port on the rear, just to be supplied for software updates and not to accessibility BD-Live functions in the future (the deck lacks the necessary hardware to be upgraded to file 1.1 or 2.0).

In action the player handles prefer a tractor, trundling ring the setup menu with annoying pauses, and the remote’s button plan needs work. Yet in that is defence, disc-loading time is much better than we’ve seen on some beforehand players and it takes tricky BD-J menus with only a modicum the complaint.

Visually stunning

Visually, Blu-ray picture quality is excellent, happen Deja Vu to life on my 52in complete HD screen. The movie’s opened gambit – a ferry exploding in a ball of lively orange flames and also billowing smoke – watch fabulous, while the minute information of the movie’s new Orleans setting is reproduced with suitable clarity.

But watching the movie at 1080p/24 ~ above a suitably-equipped TV reveals part slightly queasy camera pans, v an sometimes stutter that isn’t current in 60Hz mode. This will upset those searching for the smoothest photos possible.

Standard DVD playback is actually very good, through the player doing a reasonable task of curing jaggies and also passing both our horizontal and vertical message crawl tests. It’s a actually a far better DVD player than the Panasonic BD30.

A an excellent budget player

CD playback is functional. All at once then, the Samsung BD-P1400 is a great budget Blu-ray offering, albeit one with caveats.

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Those in search of a strong HD photo will be pleased, but its lack of file 1.1 assistance will limit its appeal. Possibly hang on for its BD-P1500 replacement...