Finally, the Salesforce winter release notes because that ’19 is here with some brand-new updates and features. Following are the peak 10 functions of the ’19 relax notes because that those that are active on the Salesforce platform. Let’s have actually a look.

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1. New list view search

With the new search bar, search the field data in her list views, and you can sort out the records you require.


2. Capability to share list views

Now, you deserve to share your list watch to details groups v roles, windy groups, and also territories. Previously, list views take place to be either personal or public. This might be hectic once only a selected group of civilization wanted to accessibility a perform view.


3. Customize her Display

Now you deserve to update the density of UI. The ‘Compact’ choice shows UI v labels and also data top top the exact same line that has actually 30% extra areas on the page. The ‘Comfy’ option has actually the UI through a label above the incorporated data. Over the combined data.


4. Adjust Owner

Change owner is a great feature that allows you to reassign up to 200 selected leads, cases, or custom objects in a perform view.


5. Fast text in Emails

This brand-new button in the email activity toolbar permits users to put predefined message in a solitary click.


6. Field history Tracking

Salesforce will not retain the field history after 18 months. If the user requirements to maintain field background beyond 18 months, you need to purchase the ar Audit trace add-on.

7. Brand-new Email Tracking

With this new email tracking, girlfriend can obtain a complete view of your email task and client engagement. This will help your sales reps come view exactly how their emails are affecting customers. Also, you deserve to perform tracking on email in the task component which additionally shows first and last opened up emails as well.

8. Collection of events

As a Salesforce user, you have the right to now create an event series that will be an excellent for monthly account evaluate or weekly scrums top top projects. Friend can specify the frequency of your events (which days of the week event will occur), or you deserve to create an occasion planner quickly.

9. Visualforce email Templates in Lightning

You have the right to use this in the lightning experience. Girlfriend can conveniently insert text, field data, and also email attachments to the situation email publisher. This readjust applies to Lightning endure in Professional, Essentials, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and also Developer editions.

10. Drill Down as soon as Running Reports

With this, you have the right to opt for her summarized lines and also drill down into them. You now no longer need to handle loads of reports with specific filters, so the you don’t have to see everything in one go. Instead, you deserve to have a single report and easily drill down to details data you have to review.

11. Lightning: Map

Based ~ above Google maps, the lightning map ingredient securely display screens a map of one or much more locations. You can now pass markers to the ingredient to specify the map locations. A marker have the right to be name: coordinates pair that longitude and latitude, or resolve elements – City, Country, Postal code, State, Street. Adhering to is the screenshot reflecting the map component through a single address.

12. Draft alternative in Chatter post

With this Salesforce winter 19 release, you can now draft write-ups with the recent options allowing you to immediately save your unpublished posts.

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If you use Salesforce and also want to know the finish release procedure comprehensively, take the winter ’19 release Trailhead Module to take an in-depth understanding of new features, or friend can attach with ours Salesforce Consultant and we would be happy to assist you.