Ryan Leslie network Worth: Ryan Leslie is an American record producer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rapper who has actually a net worth of $9 million. Anthony "Ryan" Leslie to be born September 25, 1978 in Washington, D.C. An exceptionally shrewd producer, songwriter, performer, businessman and self-promoter, he once hired who to movie nearly all of his activities, which were meticulously edited and also uploaded to YouTube.

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Founder that the media agency NextSelection way of life Group, Leslie has developed singles because that a variety of artists in a range of genres, ranging from R&B/hip-hop to pop to gospel. Ryan Leslie began making music together a teenager. He score a perfect 1600 top top his SATs before he to be old enough to drive and graduated indigenous Harvard at the age of 19. He obtained a foothold in the music market within 4 years the graduation and also by the finish of 2005, he had actually written and/or created tracks because that 702, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Carl cutting board and brand-new Edition. From 2005–2006, he had actually his most commercial success to day with NextSelection/Bad Boy/Atlantic recording artist Cassie and her single Me & U. Leslie"s debut album, Ryan Leslie (2008), featured the song Diamond Girl, Addiction and How it Was supposed To Be. Return both that Leslie"s albums peaked in the top Ten the Billboard"s hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, he and also his brand parted. He went independent with Les Is More, exit in October 2012 on NextSelection and distributed with the Sony-owned RED. The then started work top top his 4th album, black color Mozart. Ryan Leslie to be nominated because that a Grammy in 2011.


Ryan Leslie

Net Worth:$9 Million
Date of Birth:Sep 25, 1978 (43 years old)
Profession:Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Keytarist, Singer, Actor, Musician, Rapper, Songwriter
Nationality:United states of America

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