Instead that a generic fight screen, v the player's personalities on one side and the enemies on the other, encounters take location on the map or a three-dimensional, isometric fields. Personalities move top top a battlefield written of square tiles; movement and action ranges are established by the character's statistics, equipment and job class. The is extremely configurable, allowing such drastic alters as emulating other well-known tactical based games. Games that have the right to be emulated (mostly) are last Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts, Fire Emblem, at sight Robot Wars and Shining Force.

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Tactical/Grid based battle Smart/Configurable AI keep in mind Tag construction of MOST options Animated Battler system (Now supports Holder/Minkoff as well as GTBS man sprites) action List – A perform of actions(movement, icons, display etc) that should be played when a ability is provided Mini next View battle Integration Summons Configurable skill/weapon arrays MGC Layy Meta Engine (3d Isometric) support numerous many more!




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Frequently asked Questions

Visit my FAQ web page or Wiki

If friend still cannot uncover the prize your in search of please visit the court to short article your question. Friend can likewise create new pest reports native the new Issues tab to report it together a pest in GTBS.


Download the present project file from mine GTBS development website

that is best recommended that you begin your project from this together a base. However, girlfriend may also use my ‘Import/Export Script’ to import the script to her project. (TBA)

Author Notes

The utilizing of this manuscript in your video game is at your own risk.

This manuscript is not without error, yet it is has been through months of experimentation from end 300 individuals to ensure the is. If one error is encountered, please short article it ~ above my advance website under the GTBS project. There, other users or myself, can carry out answers/solutions to the difficulties being encountered. Bugs might or might not be fixed once reported.

Do not post direct web links to the download files, instead link the web page on mine website that contain it. This is the best method to certain not just that human being are receiving the most existing copy. Plus that is courteous to send the web traffic my way.


This script is compatible with many battle additions UNLESS lock implement brand-new dialogs right into battle. Together I inherit from mostly base classes this manuscript will it is in compatible with most scripts made.

Version History

Credits & Thanks

Thank you everyone whom helped. The work-related you have done and also assistance you have detailed was invaluable. You have actually helped do this project a success. However have no fear, this is no the finish for GTBS. The is merely however another beginning point.Please help Support the task by ‘ing.

Don’t forget to visit the GTBS forums and wiki because that installation and other assist in regards come GTBS.

Terms & Conditions

The script contained herein well-known as GTBS is the work-related of GubiD and also a couple of other contributors, specific MGC/Cowlol. This script can be used free of charge for every users, including commercial game creators. This Script(GTBS) requires just that you show credits in ~ the video game to GubiD.

If friend do arrangement on marketing commercially then it is recommended that you at least donate to the GubiD Scripting business on Paypal. ( https://www.paypal.c…d=BAYS9W3V4MWX6 )

NOTE: there are other scripts contained in this one that may require advertising Licenses. Especially Victor Saints Pop damage script. That is compelled for GTBS to function.

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