Role that Data

Troops space the data for the teams of opponents that appear during gameplay. The enemies that you have the player fight v through moving in the map and command events are specified based on this data. Also when having the player fight against just one enemy, you should prepare data because that the troop with that enemy. "Battle Events" (events throughout battle) will also be collection for every troop.


basic Settings


The surname of the troop. This residential or commercial property is simply used in the editor (does not influence the game). By click the button, a name will certainly be immediately generated based upon the personalities entered.

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adjust BG

Change the fight background that will certainly be displayed in the placement View. Point out the background using the left field, and the image used because that the soil in the right ar respectively in the window that is displayed. These settings are only offered inside the editor (does not impact the game), and other data will certainly be shared and used additionally when editing.

battle Test

Run a battle test through the troop. Point out the gibbs that will battle, equipment, and levels making use of the tabs labeling <1> with <4> in the window that is displayed (trait values based on the setups will be presented in the section). A home window will open and a battle will start when you click . The check will finish when the window is closed.* save edited data once a plugin is set. Once not saved, the plugin settings will not be reflected in the battle test.

Placement watch

Those enemies that belong to the troop. The is possible to register up to 8 opponents (including those the the very same type) in a single group. by dragging top top an foe in the location View, you can move the enemy. Additionally, once you right-click top top an foe in the location View and select , the foe will come to be an foe that will certainly not appear until running an occasion Command in the battle Events. use the buttons below to edit components of the troop.

include Add the opponent selected in the ar on the best to the placement View. You can also include by double-clicking an foe in the list. The order in which the opponents were added will be reflect in the enemy list displayed during battle.Remove remove the foe selected in the placement View.Clear Delete all enemies in the location View.Align Align the positions of the adversaries in the Placement watch according to the stimulate which lock were entered from the left.

Battle event Parameters

Configure event conditions executed during battle with enemies and their details in the section. Similar to map events, it is possible to division the contents processed depending upon the instance using the occasion Page and appear conditions.

occasion Page Controls

You can manage Event Pages using the , , and also buttons located on the left. The attributes are the same as the map events.


Conditions because that the occasion pages. In the window that appears when the <...> button is pressed, allow the problems from the listed below 5 conditions, and also configure the decision criterion provided for each. Unlike map events, if you perform not specify any type of conditions because that the fight events, the occasion page will certainly not be run. Also, if there are multiple event pages that accomplish conditions, the occasion page with the the smallest number will be the one i m sorry is used.


Turn finish The moment a revolve ends will certainly be treated together a condition. TurnWhen the variety of turns specified have actually passed native the start of battle will be treated together a condition. Clues the number of turns native the start of fight in the ar on the left and also the interval in between turns top top the right.Enemy HP as soon as an enemy"s HP falls below the specified amount, it will certainly be treated together a condition. Specify the enemy and the value (percentage that Max HP).Actor HP Treats when an actor"s HP falls listed below the specified value. Point out the actor and the value (percentage that Max HP).Switch as soon as the mentioned switch is set to ON will certainly be treated as a condition.


Specify the timing of as soon as the materials of the event page are enabled to run.

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battle The occasion will run as soon as a condition is very first met native the start of battle. Once it has actually been operation once, it will certainly not be run again.Turn conditions will be confirm each turn, and also the event will be operation if over there is a problem met.Moment The event will it is in run consistently while a condition is met. If event pages are not regulated with switches, there are instances where a battle will not progress, therefore please save that in mind.

Run components

Running an occasion when and room met will certainly be configured based on event commands. Editing is done the same method as the for map events.