The white lettered path 66 shield painted ~ above the black asphalt that the highway"s pavement is one of classic images of path 66.

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Who hasn"t dreamy of spotting one and taking a picture?

Many of our readers have asked united state "Where is the course 66 sign that is painted top top the road?.

In truth there isn"t only one of these shields, over there are many painted shields all along the mom Road"s alignment in each of the states it crosses.

So we decided to prepare this page to administer all the crucial information so that you can find these painted us 66 shields, and take your picture safely.

On this Page

The shields on route 66

Shield on the roadway in front of a gas station between Kingman and also Oatman in Arizona:


Route 66 shield through Visitor center in Flagstaff AZ. This photo is courtesy the TripAdvisor.

The "Standin" on a corner" shield in Winslow Arizona

A worn U.S. 66 shield ~ above the road surface in commerce OK. A. Whittall.


In Oklahoma, the shields that space painted top top the road surface are sporadic. They often tend to note the 1930s alignment. As all shields, they space subject to the wear resulted in by tire abrasion and some have vanished under a brand-new layer of asphalt when the highways are resurfaced.

We listed the painted shields from West to eastern (Texola to Commerce):

The "Ribbon Road" in Miami, OK.

US 66 shields on the pavement at the Rainbow Arch bridge, Riverton KS. A. Whittall.


Despite having the shortest segment of route 66 -only 13 mile long, Kansas has actually quite a couple of shields painted on the road surface.

From Baxter Springs come Galena



US 66 shield on road and also Munger Moss motel Neon Sign, click picture for Street View


U.S. 66 Shield in Rolla MO, Jimmy Emerson

Shield on one intersection in downtown Cuba Missouri

Route 66 shield ~ above a street in Cuba MO


West to eastern list of stencilled shields along US66 in Ilinois:

Safety and also Route 66 shield selfies

Roads room dangerous areas for pedestrians

Taking a selfie alongside one of this stencilled course 66 shields is ending up being popular, civilization love come take photos beside them.

But posing for a snapshot on the roadway is very dangerous. Some civilization even sit, squat, or lie down beside the painted shields which provides it difficult to move quick to gain out that the method of an oncoming vehicle.

Lying down on the pavement because that a photo besid a us 66 shield painted on the pavement in Amboy California

Route 66 shield selfie inAmboy Californiaby This picture of Roy"s Motel & café is courtesy of TripAdvisor.Below we share part thoughts top top the threats of acquisition photos of the united state 66 road shields.

Safety Tips for Shield Photographers

Highways are Dangerous Places

To take your photos you will need to park your vehicle. This requires risks:

Stopping top top the shoulder of a highway is very dangerous, the is in truth one the the most dangerous places to be.

Drivers often tend to feel safe when parking on the shoulder that the road, they think that it is very unlikely that they will certainly be struck by an additional vehicle, yet this is not the case. Parking top top the shoulder is incredibly dangerous.

Many says have vehicle code regulations the prohibit non-emergency stop on the shoulder.

Roughly 500 civilization are killed yearly in highway pedestrian deaths on united state Interstate highways. 15% of them were on the shoulder when struck <2>.

The much longer you remain parked ~ above the shoulder the higher the threat of gift struck (on median 11 minutes between stopping and being fight <1>). Many deaths top top the shoulder occur within 30 minutes of the driver pulling over

You would mean the shoulder (which is constructed to provide a for sure spot come stop) to it is in a for sure place, but it isn"t: crashes do take place on the highway shoulders.

Actually 6.7% the collisions reported in a study associated cars already on the shoulder. <1>

Parking top top the shoulder is dangerousBeing close to a higway rises the possibilities of gift hit by one more vehicle. A high-speed influence will kill you.Side Swipe and also rear collision: slowing under to pull turn off onto the shoulder is risky since the vehicle drivers in the cars complying with you may not pay fist to your maneouver and also simply hit girlfriend from behind.Debris. Car speeding follow me the roadway can pelter you with dust, sand and other debris.Re-entering roadway. After avoiding you have to get back on the higway, and regain your initial speed while other vehicles are approaching. This is risky too.Careless drivers. Those driving previous you while you room parked might bbe intoxicated, blinded through the sun, or rain, they might be emotion ill, or just distracted. These conditions could do them drive off the roadway and hit you or her vehicle. Part may also attempt to undertake anothe auto by driving along the shoulder.Mechanical problems. A automobile driving along the highway might experience mechanically issues and also veer turn off the roadway to collide with you.How to park safely for her photosHaving said this, girlfriend can likewise lawfully pull over to the highway"s shoulder for number of reasons. In reality you must not avoid in a lane on the roadway (blocking the flow of traffic) however pull end onto the highway shoulder instead.

You should departure the highway and also park in a designated area beyond the highway"s appropriate of way.
If you avoid on the shoulder, make sure that your car is in clear view of those driving under the roadway, for at the very least 300 feet in one of two people direction.The highway"s lane alongside where you intend to prevent is unobstructed and also open for the passage of various other vehicles along the key roadway.Never stop on bridgesDon"t stop close come the entrance or exit to a curve ~ above the key highway.Stop as far away (to the right) native the web traffic lane as possible.Turn on peril lights to warn various other cars the you room a potential danger for them. The will help them check out you.Get out of your car from the best side passenger door.Don"t was standing on the verge of the roadway, keep clear that the roadway as far away from web traffic as possible.Don"t walk between your car and also the highway (on the driver"s next of the car). Carry out so on opposing side.Taking her photos safely

One great thing is the there are numerous lonely follow me of course 66, with small traffic, so you space "relatively" safe once you prevent to snap a picture.

Plan the secuence in advance. Have someone keep an eye top top oncoming traffic, indigenous both directions (facing the photographer and behind the or her).

Avoid sitting, lying or crouching on the roadway, just stand.

Pay attention to the traffic.

Stay clear of the roadway till you take your pictures.

Do it quickly, as soon as there is no oncoming traffic in sight.

It is more secure to wait because that the right moment than to hazard an accident.

After the photo, get ago into the car and also drive off safely.

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Why repaint the shield top top the roadway anyway?

Road indicators come in 2 varieties, Vertical and Horizontal. You are acquainted with both the them:

Vertical: red stop sign, warning indicators (Railroad crossing), information indicators (green destination or distance ones), and Number route Marker Signs and shields amongst others.Horizontal: longitudinal markings (lane dividers), transversal road pavement markings (Pedestrian crossing) and also other markings (Bike-Only lane, RR X-ing, turn arrows, STOP and also ONLY signs), etc.

To show where us Highway 66 is