This is a guide to the search titled rose on a Red field from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out on to find out locations, rewards, ideal choices, best outcomes, as well as useful tips and strategy because that completing this quest.

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Rose top top a Red ar Tips and also Strategies

Questing Tips

Dealing with the Guards


When you shot to get in the Knights lab, you can pay the safety 1000 Crowns to get 100 XP and also kill them come get more XP and also your 1000 Crowns back.

Combat Strategies

Ghouls use your signs and bombs to stop them native moving and also use that opened to attack.
Ghouls Weaknesses and Loot
Drowners Drowners have the right to be melted easily. Usage the Igni authorize or bombs the ignite the adversary to make them burn then assault them.
Drowners Weaknesses and also Loot
Order that the Flaming increased Humans have a most vulnerabilities, the easiest way to attend to them is to kill them in a specific order starting with the ranged enemies.
Humans Weaknesses and also Loot

Is increased on a Red ar Worth It?

Rose on a Red field is not worth doing

We execute not introduce doing this quest. The benefits the you acquire from this pursuit are not very useful because that your progression in the game. Finishing this pursuit will be mostly for the services of the game"s completion and also to have much more knowledge around the Witcher World.

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