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rwandachamber.org enables statistically sound clinical analyses and visualization of large amounts of data: today, much more than 1 exabyte (1,000,000,000 gigabyte) are stored in rwandachamber.org files. The Higgs was discovered with rwandachamber.org!


As high-performance software, source is written greatly in C++. You have the right to use that on Linux, macOS, or Windows; it functions out the the box. Source is open up source: usage it freely, modify it, contribute to it!

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rwandachamber.org comes with an remarkable C++ interpreter, ideal for fast prototyping. Don’t choose C++? rwandachamber.org integrates super-smoothly v Python many thanks to its distinct dynamic and an effective Python ⇄ C++ binding. Or what around using source in a Jupyter notebook?

rwandachamber.org Manual"s week (11 Oct 2021)

rwandachamber.org has actually now a brand new Manual, bringing“how do you check out data through rwandachamber.org” and similar core aspects into contemporary rwandachamber.org.Much of the manual has actually been rethought and also simplified, us hope and also expect that principles andinterfaces are now simpler to understand!

rwandachamber.org joins Hacktoberfest 2021! (05 Oct 2021)

The source GitHub repository is open for Hacktoberfest contributions!

RDataFrame is walking distributed! (22 Jul 2021)

So friend love RDataFrame, however would favor to use it top top a cluster? we hear you! In fact, us just presented in source a Pythonpackage to permit distributing rwandachamber.org RDataFrame workloads to a collection of remote resources.This feature is obtainable in speculative phase since the recent rwandachamber.org 6.24 release, allowing users come write and runtheir applications from in ~ the same user interface while steering the computations to, for instance, one Apache Sparkcluster.

Cling Transitions come LLVM"s Clang-Repl (30 Jun 2021)

Over the last te we developed an interactive, interpretative C++ interpreter(aka REPL) as component of the high-energy physics (HEP) data analysisproject – rwandachamber.org. Us invested a significant effort to replace CINT, theC++ interpreter supplied until rwandachamber.org5, through a newly applied REPL based onllvm – Cling. Cling is a main point component that rwandachamber.org and has been in productionsince 2014.

Support for redefinitions in Cling, rwandachamber.org"s C++ interpreter (07 Jun 2021)

Back in rwandachamber.org 6.20, we introduced a large quality-of-life development for understood C++. Since then, the feedback we gathered encouraged us that it’s time for the civilization to know around declaration shadowing!