Rocket Fishing stick is a fishing rod the casts favor a hand-held gun. Does that work? read our Rocket Fishing stick review.

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About Rocket Fishing Rod

Rocket Fishing rod is a fishing pole for kids that shoots prefer a toy gun, rather than requiring children to actors a fishing line. The product website is, i m sorry was very first registered back in 2006, although the product has been on and also off of the domain for years. The screen shot below shows just how the product website appeared in December 2016.


Claims & Features

Safety bobber only releases hook after ~ it hits the waterNo spreading neededJust shoot whereby the fish are


From the official website, Rocket Fishing Rod expenses $39.99 + $8.95 P&H because that a complete of $48.94. Girlfriend can likewise find this article in some stores, such as toys R Us, for about $40.

Rocket Fishing rod Review

The idea the Rocket Fishing pole is compelling: children can shoot your line into the water without having actually to cast a classic rod. It combine the funny of a Nerf total with real-world fishing. You simply pump the handle, launch, and also reel the in.

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As an extra safety and security feature, the bobber only releases the hook after ~ it has actually landed in the water. Rocket Fishing rod is claimed to be made from rugged high-tech precision engineering.

So the large question is even if it is or no Rocket Fishing Rod actually works? v a product as created as this, consumer reviews are rather in agreement… that it rarely works as advertised.

Take a look in ~ the dismal customer ratings on Amazon, wherein it hold an underwhelming 2.2 star rating. You’ll discover such explanation as, “terrible item,” “disappointed,” “zero stars,” “$40 wasted,” and “junk.” girlfriend may find slightly greater ratings around the web (such as toys R Us), yet many the those confident reviews space from world who to buy it together a gift and haven’t even used that yet.

Although the idea of Rocket Fishing rod is clever, that is an idea that has been poorly implemented. The durability is questionable in ~ best, v a rather big consensus of consumers stating that it damaged on – or quickly after – the very very first use.

Overall, it is daunting for united state to introduce Rocket Fishing Rod, once so plenty of consumers have actually reported breakage and also abysmal durability.


Although the design of Rocket Fishing pole is unique, there are countless fishing rods designed for kids. Something favor this no-tangle youth fishing rod may be a much more realistic angling product for kids.

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Television Commercial

The YouTube video below displayed the problems plenty of users have had actually with the product. The reviewer concludes, “This point will critical you around 10 casts and then before you recognize it, it’s in her fireplace and you’re putting kerosene almost everywhere it.”

Your Rocket Fishing pole Reviews

If you’ve used Rocket Fishing Rod, tell united state what you believed by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.