I really only play the drums on RB and I bought an electronic kit online when RB3 came out that was an alleged to it is in compatible. The wasn't. Ns have because bought RB4 and also have played for a good while. My drums the came through RB4 are ultimately crapping out. The xbox switch that you have to press to connect the controller is practically unresponsive. Is over there an digital kit or setup that for sure will work?


Your problem, your big problem, is obtaining your hand on the PDP Wired tradition Adapter, i beg your pardon is the end of production. Initially 25 bucks, it's currently going for hundreds on assorted sites like ebay.

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Other 보다 that, you simply need the MadCatz Xbox 360 MIDI pro adapter, a MIDI cable, and any ekit with a MIDI out, i beg your pardon is many of them.

No one below has suggested the wireless heritage adapter.


this will certainly let you usage those wireless RB3 (and RB2) drums on xbox one. The won't work-related with much more fancy kits though.

I mean, if you have the right to afford it, and also it's a pretty great QoL improvement, there's one on (PDP adapter) ebay right now at $299. Around as cheap together you're going come see.

It's fucking scummy, but as someone who bangs on his ekit many days, it's still entirely worth that if you have the right to afford it.


Then pair it through an Alesis surge kit.


Regardless, to buy this best NOW, together their access come and go, and have to be jacked up in price before. You're gonna require it if you ever get an ekit.


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Did you gain one the these?


If not, then your ions won't work. Some eKits could work v a guitar Hero civilization Tour (or tape Hero/Guitar Hero 5 north kit) yet this alternative does not assistance Pro Drums.

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