BugWhen i attempt come preview one audio ~ above the catalog, it does no play the audio as expected.

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Browser Console ErrorsThe adhering to errors are published in mine console every time I shot to fight the play switch to preview an audio.

InformationOperating System: Window 10

Browser #1: ChromeBrowser #1 Version: 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)

Browser #2: FirefoxBrowser #2 Version: 67.0.4 (64-bit)

I’ve knowledgeable this too, happens on fairly a many audios ns listen to. Works on one and doesn’t top top another.

I’m additionally getting this specific error as soon as trying come play audio top top the catalog, although the doesn’t occur everytime which is weird; the is random.

I can, yet it happens on every audio I try to preview so there is really no point to including an audio asset. Even the brand-new audios rwandachamber.org uploaded i was unable to preview, so ns am sure that the wasn’t just an problem with the audio was trying to preview.


Ever because rwandachamber.org do it feasible to preview audio in a player’s Inventory, I’ve additionally been can not to usage the play button on all audio.

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It just shows up prefer this

Additional info

Using Google ChromeI am making use of the adhering to extensions, however disabling lock does not readjust anything:AdBlock & uBlock Plus,rwandachamber.org+I to be able to preview audio an extremely rarely, however only on arbitrarily audio.Sometimes, the play button will still appear but whenever i click it, that instantly stops the audioUnsure if worth mentioning, but yes, I have the recent Adobe speed Player

Quite often, if it division for me, this displays:But various other times the play switch is there and also it still won’t play!

Audio no play top top the website. This happens most frequently with quick audio (


This bug has been arising since user-generated audio came out years ago and tho hasn’t to be fixed.I’m currently using Chrome however I believe this wake up on any type of web browser.