I didn"t forget mine promise on sharing the recommendation sheet because that Hazen after ~ the last web page of SEB #4 to be posted.Changed his hairstyle & removed the mono-eye because.... Let"s confront it. Rob to be a teal Sonic with a hoodie ovo"||Information||Anti plunder abused his authority as king and also in turn ended up being feared by the people of Anti Mercia.

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Along with ruling v an steel fist, that constantly studied old scriptures that a destructive entity that might devastate the whole of Moebius...His brothers took note of what Anti rob was analysis into, and decided to placed an end to this corrupt madness......But tiny did he know that this only put Anti Rob ideal where he wanted to be: in the realm where the entity of legend resided in...

I love plunder for some reason, ns don't even know why. Seeing anti arts of the is really interesting! well done! i don't even mind the transforms - much more personality and distinction is always welcome!