Well, if you’ve been lacking Riverdale, this week entails a robbery, Archie chopping timber in a wife beater, a hot tub kiss, Archie doing do not wear shirts push-ups, and also Cheryl coming out. So yeah, IT’S BACK.

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We start with a truly creepy montage of every the ways that Chic is no a normal human being being. His hobbies include: staring in ~ his sister if she reads the nrwandachamber.orgspaper, eating grain like some sort of pet who’s never used a spoon before, drinking orange juice out of the carton, and using his sister’s shower since it has much better “water pressure.” so it’s no surprise that Betty demands a break, and that’s exactly why she jumps at the possibility for a weekend getaway.

What getaway, friend ask? Oh simply Hiram’s latest painfully apparent ploy to obtain his daughter the end of Riverdale so the he deserve to conduct part business. After supplying his teenage daughter and her friend an unchaperoned weekend at the lake home — which raises zero flags because that these clueless teenagers —Hiram speak Archie the genuine story: He will be hosting a conference in Riverdale v some “major nrwandachamber.org York families” to aid settle the “unrest” the came around as a result of Papa Poutine’s death. Hiram desires to make sure Veronica is safe, therefore he’s letting his BFF Archie recognize that André (and the total on his hip) will certainly be nearby by if they require anything. Hiram climate asks Archie to keep whatever he just said between them. Friend know, male to man. (And not guy to CHILD.)

So if the core four get ready for your getaway, Cheryl is having actually a pretty damaging day. First, her mommy is still working as a prostitute, and there’s a great chance Penelope just referred to as her daughter an emotionally anorexic? Cool. Also, when negative Cheryl tries to invite it s her to the lake home getaway, Veronica speak her that she can’t sit through them unless she’s part of a couple…which she’s not. Climate again, no is Kevin, who just wants come go virwandachamber.org Greg Berlanti’s brand-nrwandachamber.org movie, Love, Simon, v Moose. Yet Moose is still hiding in his connection with Midge, and also it’s all very sad. Also, did girlfriend hear around Berlanti’s nrwandachamber.org movie, Love, Simon?! since you’re about to, about 100 more times.

After Jughead and also Betty prevent by her house to seize some things for the pilgrimage — wherein Chic tells Jug that if he tells anyone around the murder, “it’ll be bad for Betty and also Alice” — they all head to the cabin. After ~ Archie dead literally everyone’s bags within — they need to make sure he to know his ar — Cheryl phone call Jughead come make certain their trip is terrible: She tells Jug around Betty and Archie’s kiss. (She then dodges Toni once the Serpent asks what’s bothering her.)

At the cabin, the couples attend to the nrwandachamber.orgs together they constantly do: Veronica and Archie have actually sex when Jughead and also Betty look sad and talk that out. Jughead guarantees he’s no mad around the kiss, but he does want to know why Betty didn’t call him about it as soon as he confessed his kiss with Toni. Sure, Jug supplied to it is in bothered through Archie and Betty’s past, yet he says he’s not intimated through a “Black Hood triggered kiss.” And, just like that, lock hear Veronica’s bed squeaking. Together Jug and Betty laugh (!!!), Jug, in my favorite minute of his ever, says, “Is that their solution to everything? Can’t they ever just have like a conversation?” No Jug, they’re horny teens!!

Once all the couples have reconciled in their various ways, Jughead attempts come grill Veronica around the shadow Lake personal community. But when Betty shuts that down, Veronica argues a brand-nrwandachamber.org activity: the hot tub. There, Veronica admits that the Barchie kiss has haunted she for the past frwandachamber.org weeks, so through that in mind, she has actually an idea: She and Jughead have to kiss in stimulate to clean the air, or level the playing field, if you will. And also Jughead is IN. After ~ spinning some ridiculous teen logic around how this kiss will prevent future Bughead fights, Jughead and also Veronica kiss.

After that, the couples different so that Betty can erase that kiss native Jughead’s storage by putting on her Dark Betty lingerie — wig consisted of — and also rocking his world. Meanwhile, Archie is doing push-ups before getting right into bed due to the fact that “I’m just acquiring my daily workout in.” before CLIMBING right into BED?! Honestly, I thought that to be the funniest heat in this whole episode. Arch, just #gettingitin prior to bed. And also speaking of gaining it in — i m really sorry — currently it’s Varchie’s rotate to hear to a bed squeaking. (One question about that: That residence is huge. If you can hear one an additional having sex with a wall, why not, i don’t know, relocate ROOMS?!)

The next morning, Archie’s day-to-day wood chopping session is interrupted as soon as André texts him. But because Archie has actually the knowledge of, well, Archie, the doesn’t realize the Veronica’s the town hall him. She adheres to him into the woods, discovers André, and then storms off to grab Betty and also have a girl job in town. Their girl day consists of buying a candle native a cashier named Cassidy in ~ the neighborhood store, but sure, seems fun-adjacent. (Next: Hiram renders another huge move)

As for Archie, he spends the day hanging out with Jug and also talking around the one time their girlfriends kissed during cheerleading tryouts. (It’s never been much more apparent the these men are teenagers than in this episode.) Archie does take it the opportunity to apologize come Jug about the kiss, but he swears he’s all good. As soon as it involves the four of them, it’s a wonder they’re for this reason close. As Jug put it, the 4 of them are in a flour keg…one match and also they’d all blow up. (Well, ns guess we can expect lock blowing up to occur sometime soon.)

By the moment the girls return to the cabin, Veronica forgives Archie, and I make an oath this episode has actually the many smiling of any type of episode thus much in the series. I didn’t recognize these teens had teeth! however it all stops once Jughead gets a speak to that the Serpents don’t have to leave the trailer park…because Hiram purchase it. Naturally, this sends out Jughead right into an upset panic whereby he screams around Hiram’s “tactics” come Veronica. Yet once Archie convinces him come “take the win, bro,” they every come back together for a fun game of Monopoly. And also what’s a game of syndicate without a real-life robbery, right?!

After Betty’s mom calls v the update that Hiram likrwandachamber.orgise bought the Riverdale Register — and also Archie once again shows us exactly how clueless that is as soon as he doesn’t think buying the just nrwandachamber.orgspaper in city is a big deal — the flour keg explodes. Everyone’s yelling in ~ everyone! Veronica call Betty out for her sexual role playing! and also then it all stops as soon as the cashier from the save in town reflects up v some buddies and some ski masks to plunder V!

With an ax and also a bat in hand, lock break into the house. Archie very srwandachamber.orging doesn’t shot to fight them, and ultimately, it’s V who conserves the day. As soon as she goes come grab she purse, she hits a quiet alarm. On the method out, the man steals V’s necklace, and also that’s when Vigilante Archie mirrors up. (No! I thought we’d obtained rid of him!) Archie chases after ~ the guy, tackles him in the woods, and then leaves him come André…who shoots him. Aaaaand that’s the finish of the lake house.

Back in Riverdale, the core four sit roughly a booth at Pop’s and make amends purely by placing their hand together prefer they’re the Mighty Morphin strength Rangers. Archie then pays Hiram a visit, wherein Hiram asks if Archie is upset the André eliminated the kid. But Archie’s only an answer is just how he regrets that he wasn’t the one who shot the black color Hood. The lesson? never ever hesitate, Hiram says, before handing Archie Veronica’s necklace. Therefore does that typical Hiram staged this whole thing to test Archie?! I’m confused!

Then there’s Jug, that takes Betty home and also warns her that there’s an ext than one kind of residence invasion. In other words, Chic is a residence invader, you’re no safe, and also Jug is entirely fine leave you there alone!

Okay, while all of that to be happening, the rest of Riverdale went to see Love, Simon. (Have you heard that Love, Simon?! because you’re walking to obtain to clock a tiny bit of that in this illustration of RIVERDALE.) First, there’s Josie and Kevin, who accomplish up and forge a friendship around the fact that your parents space hooking up and ruining marriages. (Josie’s plainly never checked out Sheriff Keller do not wear shirts if she’s questioning she mother’s judgment.) then there’s Toni and also Cheryl, who type an unforeseen friendship the ends v Cheryl confiding in Toni in ~ Pop’s ~ the movie. Many thanks to Simon’s journey, Cheryl has been motivated to re-superstructure hers. Cheryl speak Toni the everyone might think she’s loveless but she remained in love once, prior to her mother damaged it. Her surname was Heather, and also she to be Cheryl’s best friend in junior high. However the minute Penelope captured Cheryl and also Heather in bed together, she told her daughter that she was “deviant.” but Toni’s right here to let Cheryl understand that the just thing she is is “sensational.” and cue the hand hold and also cue the romance.

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I’m not entirely sure what come say at this point. This illustration was strange. Frwandachamber.org of the lake home stuff was fun…until the robbery. Climate there’s all the in-your-face Love, Simon promotion. So ns guess what I’m speak is: Welcome earlier to Riverdale, where girlfriend never know just how bonkers things room going come get.

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