Beat every an obstacle available in rise of the dig Raider v our finish guide


As well together all the usual exploring we"ve pertained to expect native a Lara Croft adventure, there"s additionally a series of rise of the dig Raider challenges to take it on and also prove her mettle. Tick off the requirements, and you"ll get a nice chunk of XP because that your hard work, i beg your pardon will definitely make your progression through rise of the dig Raider that small bit easier. Few of these tasks are me explanatory, while others require more investigating in order to discover the required targets, yet we"ve currently beaten every one of the rise of the dig Raider challenges so let united state take you with every assignment and guide friend on her way.

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Need help finding and traversing the an enig areas in Lara"s latest adventure? view our Rise of the dig Raider difficulty Tomb walkthrough guide for help. And also if you"re tracking under the many, countless collectibles in the game, examine out ours Rise of the tomb Raider relic, mural, and document locations guide.

Syria - cave "Em High

Shoot under 7 incense burners.

Burner #1

These room all uncovered inside the key tomb. When you an initial enter, turn to her left to see this through the entrance.

Burner #2

This one hangs over a walkway in the upper part of the tomb. You"ll see it when you start crossing the platforms by the center tower.

Siberian Wilderness - Grab and Go

Loot 3 corpses.

This one barely demands a description. As soon as the Trinity soldiers arrive, just kill any three that them and loot their bodies. Done!

Soviet installation is ~ above the following page

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