How to locate and also complete the difficulty Tombs in the Glacial Caverns and Soviet Installation regions of rise of the tomb Raider.

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Here"s our fast guide to completing the first few challenge Tombs in the game.

Glacial Caverns an obstacle Tombs

Ice Ship

This an obstacle tomb can be accessed indigenous the key path during finest Laid Plains.

Make your means across the mast then usage your axe on the mechanism. Scramble up the boards behind the mechanism and also head ring the smaller sized mast. Next, leap native the end and also grab the dangling lump of ice cream to send it crashing into the wall.

Scramble up the newly cleared path and use your axe on the wheel. Wind the basket as much down together it will certainly go, then do a dash ring the mast. Jump from the finish to catch the basket together it ascends in order to clear an additional path.

Clamber up it to with the treasure. In enhancement to the main prize - rapid fire arrows - there"s a map, a scroll, some arrows, and a Coin Cache. Head increase the ramp come the zipline to rejoin the main path.

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Soviet Installation an obstacle Tombs

The Red Mine

This an obstacle tomb have the right to be accessed from the locker room in the copper mine. It"s ideal done during the Alone Again mission.

The route forks after ~ a couple of yards - the right lane leads to a resource to gather, and also a map deserve to be found on the crates to your left. At the bottom that the tunnel, run to the zipline and also drop into an secret lake. The left fork holds some resources, and also the right fork takes girlfriend deeper.

You"ll come to a flammable barrier. Seize a surrounding bottle and cloth, and fashion a Molotov cocktail to continue - stock up on towel here if it"s needed. Crawl through the hole, then jump the gap. You"ll plummet to the bottom the the shaft.

Take the right-hand passage and follow the down. At some suggest the floor will provide way, for this reason hit X to haul yourself ago up. In the little office ahead, there"s a suitcase come loot. Currently grab a bottle, do a Molotov cocktail, and also then was standing at the opposite next of the room from the waterfall. Litter the cocktail end the pipes to burn the obstacle behind them, climate jump v the opened to reach the puzzle room.

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From your starting position, run left throughout the gap and follow the passage. A tiny room half way down has a journal to collect, and also at the bottom you"ll discover a brand-new camp. Indigenous the camp, jump across the space (hit X to conserve yourself from a fall on the various other side), then go across to the various other side.

Upstairs there"s another suitcase come loot and a newspaper to collect at the far end of the level. As soon as that"s collected, twin back and jump turn off the tiny ramp to your appropriate to take the bucket. Two mine carts will certainly roll under the track.

Drop down from the bucket and head ago up the stairs. Climb onto the platform to her right, then jump across to the next wooden platform. Usage your bow to fire an arrowhead at the minecart turn off to the left and drag it down the track. Jump ago to the vault platform, then go throughout to the roof making use of using the take bar.

Read the plaque on the various other side, then rise onto the roof. Stand next to the rope-covered pillar and also fire an arrowhead down to the minecart to attach it come the pillar, then head back down and swing top top the bucket again to relax the cart. Currently the water is blocked, for this reason head come the little platform through the bit of rusty monitor on it, prepare a Molotov and use the to ruin the barricade, climate jump across the gap.

Head up the stairs and also collect your reward. When you"ve picked everything up, head down right into the little cavern and climb your means up and out, at some point returning come the copper mine.

Ancient Cistern

In the centre of the hub area is a sawmill, and surrounding is a crane v a log in dangling native the arm. Shooting the block suspending the log to disclose a hidden entrance.

Descend the ladder and clamber down to the chamber below. It contains a few resources and a plaque to read. Once you"ve accumulated everything, head with the passageway in between the 2 makeshift crosses and also descend v the tunnel.

You"ll encounter two much more crosses. Prior to leaping across the gap, look at to your left for an artefact. Currently leap the gap and also grab the rock with your axe. Shimmy left and also climb down, then leap throughout to the right and grab the rocks on the other side.

Climb down and then left to reach solid ground, climate slide under the slope into a tiny room. Climb up the steps and jump across to the bar to start the mechanism, then drop right into the water below by time your release to coincide with the gaps in the knives beneath you.

Climb the end of the water through the archway and turn the corner. Shoot the tiny red oil cask come the ideal of the flower to clear your way, then swim into the following area to discover a campsite. Rest if you need, climate head under the steps to enter the puzzle room.

Walk follow me the rock beam and also scramble increase the wall, then take a flying leap turn off the ramp to your right. That obviously wasn"t going to be rather that easy, so as soon as you struggle the water swim left, head through the void in the railings, and clamber out of the water in the following room.

Head up the stairs, seize the oil canister, lug it earlier to the round hatchway and then step back and punch it approximately raise the water level. Dive back in and also swim under the archway to go back to the key room, climate head left come another collection of stairs.

Climb up, take an oil canister, and also toss it closely onto the wood platform floating in the edge of the water. Rise to the top level and also jump indigenous the ramp ~ above the wooden bar. Wait till the water level has actually rise,n then drop turn off - as the water level sinks, the wooden platform will progressively drift earlier to its original position, for this reason shoot the canister once it"s in prior of the hatch to raise the water again.

Swim v the opened you just made, clamber onto dried land, ascend the stairs, and jump the gap. Head to her left and also through the arch, then use your axe to demolish the weak wall. Jump through into the water and also swim ago to where you gained the critical oil canister. Throw another one ~ above the wood platform and then use the beam come temporarily raise the water again.

Drop off and also quickly swim throughout to the wood platform, take the canister, throw it with the wall surface you knocked down, climate clamber up after it. Pick up the canister again and carry it into the bigger room, toss it come the communication in former of the hatch, and also blow it as much as raise the water level one critical time. Swim under the surface, go back to the main room to collect your reward, then leave the way you came in.

Voice of God

From the Sheltered Ridge campsite, confront south and drop down. Head right into the surrounding cave and eliminate the ferocious feline. Usage a rope arrow to pull down the barricade, then pressure the gate open with your axe.

Head along the passage and also clamber up the end to situate a new camp. Departure the various other side that the cave, head up the small cliff to your left, and also squeeze through the gap at the end. Jump throughout the chasm, scramble increase the wall surface to her left, and also use the handhold come head right approximately the cliff face.

Climb up, use your axe to climb a small higher, climate jump across the space to her right and also head up again. Overcome the narrow rock beam, jump turn off the pillar and grab the rocks ahead, then head right and down to reach the tomb.

Jump off the finish of the tiny rocky outcrop you"re stood on and grab the handholds. Traverse right, leap throughout and take the rock-face, then once it collapses conveniently hit X to grab the one below you. Head right, rise up, then do your means across one more narrow stone beam, hitting X to grab the rock-face as soon as it gives means beneath you.

Jump right, climb to the handholds, and then shimmy your means to heavy ground. The wooden platform behind you holds a relic, so collect that before heading in v the huge door towards the ominous noise.

There room a couple of items to collection in this chamber, so choose it clean and then usage the crank next to the open up door to close it. Scramble increase the now-closed door, head v the arch come the left, and drop down to the soil to your right. Rotate around and also jump across the gap, usage your axe to breakdown the wall, climate squeeze with the gap and also reopen the door.

Squeeze earlier through the gap, jump across to the rope reel, and also use an arrow to attach the swinging counterweight come it. Wind the crank, then usage either your knife or the attachment at the various other side of the reel to reduced the rope and complimentary the other counterweight. Head earlier to the entrance area, open the various other door, and descend the procedures to collect your reward.

Head earlier outside and turn right. Use an arrowhead to do a rope bridge in between the post and also the block top top the far side, climb along it and also clamber increase the wall in prior of you. Create a zipline under to the following rope block, slide down and also collect the relic, rise up the handholds, and also fashion another zipline. In ~ the bottom, drop down, jump the void to the right, squeeze with the gap, and also you"ll be ago at the Frozen alleyways campsite.

- ours walkthrough proceeds with a step-by-step guide to completing climb of the dig Raider: home of the Afflicted.

- girlfriend can find the rest of our climb of the tomb Raider overview from the an initial page of this article.

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